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how to generate an additional task to a different team

lee mcdermott

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I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the best method to achieve this.

During some of our BP's I want to create additional tasks that are assigned to different teams to action.

I have started a parallel process and can create a human task\activity. 

What I would like to happen is multiple tasks are created and are assigned to different teams. However the human task seems to create an activity assigned to a particular user.

I would like a task to be visible in each teams assigned calls so that anyone can pick it up and complete.

I hope that makes sense and hopefully it is easy to achieve.

I'm very new to hornbill so trying to understand the in's and out's of creating the BP's





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Hi @lee mcdermott

It sounds like you are very close to achieving what you need to do. When you create a Human Task, you should notice a dropdown list next to the "Assign To" selection. From here you can select one of the follow:

Role: You can create an Assignment Role that you apply to certain individuals who perform a similar action but do not have a specified team for it e.g. "Change Managers"

Group: This is to select a Support Team - the task will be assigned to everyone in that team, though only one person needs to complete it e.g. 1st Line Support

User: This is to assign to a named individual

Variable: This is to select the individual based on some details in your request - e.g. the Request Owner will be assigned the task



One thing to keep in mind is that when a task is assigned to a user or a team/role they are a member of, they will be notified via a Hornbill notification. However the task will not appear on the Service Manager request list. You can see your assigned tasks in 3 places:

1) The Request - If this has been generated via a Business Process, the relevant task can be viewed when looking at the request itself (on the right hand side, below the request information)

2) The Side Bar - Visible anywhere you are in Hornbill, this can be expanded to see any tasks assigned to you or your team (ordered based on the task due date)



3) My Activities - This gives you full flexibility over all tasks assigned to you, and you can create your own filters and views. Be sure to click the "New Activities" button in the top right if you are presented with the option to trial all of the brand new features we have to help you on this view. 



I hope this helps!!

Kind Regards

Bob Dickinson

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@lee mcdermott just to add to Bob's comment above, we will be releasing the ability to automatically create additional Incident or Service Request's automatically / directly from an existing request from the Business Process Engine, and these of course can be assigned automatically to different teams / analysts.  

The advantage of the task approach Bob mentioned above, is that on the completion of the task (outcome defined), the Business Process can be automatically progressed. 

We do also recognise the requirement some customer's have to create additional request's at particular points in a business process and as such, the new functionality to create an Incident or Service Request will be available in the next Service Manager update available in the next two weeks.

Hope that helps


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