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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (935)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (935) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • Customers can cancel their Service Requests through the Portal
  • Analysts can resolve or close Linked Requests through a request or through the BPM. Please enable 'app.request.resolve.enableLinkedRequestAction' Application Setting to use this feature
  • Analysts can resolve or close multiple requests, by highlighting them through the Requests List and clicking on the Actions button. Please enable 'app.experimental.multipleRequestsAction' Application Setting to use this feature
  • The Requests Search option allows filtering by 'Owner' and 'Customer'. Please note, to take advantage of this enhancement, 'hornbillitsm' Index needs to be refreshed through Admin Tool > System > Data > Index Storage. We recommend perfoming this out of working hours
  • Users with Service Desk Admin or Full Fccess roles can now complete Activities that are assigned to another person. Please enable 'app.experimental.advancedRequestTaskCompleter' Appication Setting to use this feature
  • Through your BPM, you can now lock and unlock the request details



  • When a Routing Rule Template is applied by Auto Responder the chosen Catalog's BPM was not being used
  • The view timeline button in the mobile app would occasionally take you to a Not Found page
  • Liking and un-liking FAQs would always result in a blue thumb icon, now using customized colours
  • tabs on portal homepage would distort when on very small screens
  • When there's no HUD, the restart button is now hidden
  • When switching between Routing Rule templates, the reference field would not work as expected
  • It was not possible to translate bulletins between British English and American English
  • Confirmation popups in the Portals are now translatable
  • Issues logging requests through the customer portal
  • You can now add multiple assets to a request at a time, without the tab switching back to the update tab
  • Clicking on a request from the request list will open it in the current window, not a new one
  • Resolving a request would automatically mark all timers, this can now be disabled using the app setting 'app.request.stopResolutionTimersOnResolve'
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