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Dashboard formatting


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It would be good if the colours on the counter lists could be changed based on the results

The current triggers only change the text colour, it would be better if it changed the value field colour and the icon colour

Even better would be if it could change the background colour to bring better attention to it

I have the trigger set on the number of emails but it only changes the text colour wihich isn't that obvious


Another good thing would be to have conditional formatting on data lists



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Hi @Dan Munns, no problem, not cheeky at all

I did SUM of h_folder_unread_count from h_msg_folders

WERE h_folder_name = 'Inbox' AND h_folder_id = 246

I had to find the h_folder_id from h_msg_folders by looking in System > Data > Database Direct

I matched up the number of emails in the inbox to the number in h_folder_name = 'Inbox' and took a note of the h_folder_id

I hope that makes sense :)


I just wish we could change more than the text colour based on the number of emails, ideally I'd like to be able to change the background colour when there are more than x number of email in the inbox

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I would also like the ability to change the icons a little more.

Some of ours are a little small (6 across the bottom of a 50inch TV from across the room) and can be difficult to notice subtle changes to the icons.

To be fair though I think I could attach it all to a flashing red light and klaxon and no one would bat an eye round here.

Thanks for the info on the email counter!


@Everton1878 sorry but where did you get the h_folder_id from? I can get the mailbox id from h_mbid under the h_msg_mailboxes table but can't find the folder ids. Sorry but SQL isn't my strong point.


Edit 2: No worries, found it :) 

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@Dan Munns I ran the following from Database Direct

SELECT * FROM h_msg_folders WHERE h_folder_name = 'Inbox'

You might need to increase the results above 25 to see all the data

I then just scrolled down till I saw the line that matched the number of unread emails we had and took the h_folder_id number from that line

SQL isn't my strongest either but I can get by with the help of Google and these forums

I think its MySQL, so a few things are a bit different to regular SQL syntax




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