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How to handle an optional task?


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We've created a service and CI for forward notice incidents. I've set up an authorisation task with options to send a draft copy of the notification email to the customer or approve the email for distribution as per the workflow. If the forward notice is a long way off then the incident is put on hold until nearer the time.

I'd like to modify the process to allow the notification email to be resent at any time up until the incident is resolved. There in lies the rub a request can't be closed while activities are still open. I can't figure out the best way so I'd really appreciate any suggestions.





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Hi @DougA,

Firstly, apologies if I have misunderstood this. But could this be achieved by adding a Human Task (assigned to the request owner) after the "Email Connections" node. 

This task has two outcomes -
"Resolve Incident" which could automatically update the status to resolved and move to the next stage
"Resend Email to Connections" which could loop back around to the "Get Request Info" node and send out the email again - before regenerating the human task. 

This would allow you to keep resending the email based on someone completing the task each time, until they are happy to resolve the Incident. 

Does that work?

Kind Regards

Bob Dickinson

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