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Change Requests - Complete Tasks Function


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We are having some issues with Change requests where users are completing the calls but not completing the Tasks that are still outstanding on change requests.

Is there a way to stop the calls from being able to complete if the tasks are still outstanding in the activities tab? or if that's not a option, can someone tell me what the exact Role/function in the Admin Role that allows administrators to complete tasks assigned to other people?

Many Thanks


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Hi Hayley,

 thanks for your post. There is aService Manager Application setting called " webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.resolve.denyWithOpenActivities " that prevents a request from being resolved if there are still incomplete activities against it.

This can be found in Hornbill Administration: Home > Service Manager > Application Settings. You can use the filter to help you quickly find the app setting.

Hope that helps,


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