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Report Description Error

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I am running a report that has the Call Description field in it, When I run the report out to a CSV File

The description field doesn't populate the full information, it only shows a small part, however in the data preview section when creating the report it shows the whole description?

please see screen shots, is this a bug?



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Thanks for your post.  I have managed to replicate something similar to what you are getting.  When I opened the downloaded CSV directly into Excel, I had some descriptions where only the first couple of words were displayed.  I then opened the CSV file in Notepad and all of the information was in the CSV file which pointed to Excel having an issue with some of the descriptions.  In my case it might be line breaks or carriage returns.  In your report it might be to do with the "quotes" not being managed correctly.

I was wondering if you could check by opening your your CSV in Notepad or Notepad ++ and have a look and see if you are getting the same as I did.  If so maybe post back the full text content of one of the fields that is not displaying.  It might be that there are some hidden characters in there that Excel is not recognizing or characters that Excel just doesn't like.   By the look of your descriptions I'm guessing that you are either taking questions from a custom Progressive Capture form and mapping them to the description field or maybe using a Web Form and these are coming in by email?



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Hi @yelyah.nodrog

It turned out that on my CSV in Excel the data was there, I just hadn't clicked on the cell itself to see all the content.  As well as looking at the file using Notepad, could you also let me know if you give a second click on the cell, where it appears to have missing information, to see if it extends to show more.



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Hey James, The first thing I did was expand the cell but you are right you have to physically double click on each one to expand them, Just noticed I can highlight the Numbers column and double click and this expands them all! Mystery Solved!

Thankyou Muchly!


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