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analyst notification emails


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Hi Guys - I think this has been mentioned before but I cant find it?


do we have the ability to add anymore info to the emails sent to an analyst to notify them a call has been updated? if I remember these are generated server-side and so we cannot customise them? but i can see a template in our email templates section which looks like it would be the one?


it would be a massive help if these could be customised - call summary and description along with last update applied?



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Our template is set up like this:

Hi {{.H_ownername}}

Request {{.H_pk_reference}}  has been updated on {{.H_datelastmodified}}

The summary of the call is: {{.H_summary}}

Please use the link below to log in and view the details of the request


I can't find a "last updated" variable so provide a link instead

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@Gary@ADL as far as I know, email notifications for request updates are using a form or direct messaging, bypassing the system mailboxes mechanism. They have a hard coded template which can't be changed. To verify if this is the case on the update email, have a look at the email originator. If this is noreply@live.hornbill.com then is the direct email mechanism that can't be changed... :( 


There is a ongoing development effort to improve this area, basically make the update notification email accessible for customisation.

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Hi @Victor and @Gary@ADL

You beat me to it - I wanted to post exactly the same question. We can customise most templates but the ones the come from noreply@live.hornbill.com (eg Request X has been updated by the customer) can't.

It would be good if a little more info could be included - eg what was the update.



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