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custom form - show form field on answer

lee mcdermott

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New to Hornbill so still learning the functionality.

When creating a custom form is it possible to have a question initially hidden that only becomes visible depending on a previous questions answer?


So for example question is a static drop down of YES or NO.

I want an additional question to display if the selection previously was YES





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I do something similar using additional forms.

So if they select an answer on the front form it will either show or hide another form later on.

I would like the functionality to show hidden questions on the same form though.



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To be fair if the question may or may not be relevant you could just make it optional.

All my questions are mandatory apart from ones which rely on other answers so..


Do you need a new extension number? [mandatory] Yes / No

Extension group (if required) [not mandatory] Group 1, Group 2 etc


If an answer produces a lot of other options then I add the secondary form in.


Hope that makes sense.




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We would also benefit from additional questions popping up on the same form depending on the questions answered (using the dropdowns / tick boxes).

It makes sense to keep the relevant questions and answers together... and not have to create seperate forms for each additional question.



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