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visibility of new releases

Melissa Gurney

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Some time back now (October time) we were advised that we would soon have visibility of what was called the "90 Day board" where we would see what changes and releases were being worked on currently/planned for the near future.

Is there a date for this yet please?



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@Victor brining back memories of my military service there (no one ever called me Sir, thankfully)....not sure if a good or a bad thing though :Pso much drinking......

So does that mean I am special then? :)

Or does this mean I am now going to lose my access that no one else seems to have :(

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@Dan Munns you're good, everyone has access and everyone is special. You more than any because... you owe me a beer :P:D ... By, the way, don't worry about the TV, Gerry needs to sort out this now... hat off, very smart move there :)


(jokes aside, many thanks for the kind words :) )

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