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Subscriptions and access control/revisions

Terje Mognes

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The Hornbill ESM app stores information on access given to users for different services (Service subscription), But can not be used for audit control/revisions. The access provisioning is not linked to or controlled by the request process. We see a need to store this information in Service Manager, and also automate the process. A user should be able to Request access to an application from the Service Portal. The fulfillment process should include approval, and then automatically add the user to the correct Service/application as a subscriber. The subscription record should also include a text field for additional information like type of access (e.g. Administrator access), and store the link to the initial Request. If we can create reports or views based on subscription, we will have total control over all given access, including the Requester, Approver, date/time etc. 

The unsubscribe process should be automated the same way.

If we also could trigger external automation tools, the process could actually execute the request as well.

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Hi Terje,

 thank you for your post. Just to give the community a bit of background to your scenario, from our conversations in relation to your Hornbill Switch On I understand that you will be creating a Hornbill Service to represent each of the Products or Applications that your Company supports and you will subscribe your customers to the appropriate service.

I imagine your Hornbill configuration would incorporate a Catalog Item (within each of the Services) called "Request Access to this Application". Clicking on this would raise a Service Request with a Business Process associated with it that would perform the actions you describe.

As you have identified, at present there is not an available BPM operation that will subscribe a customer contact or user to a Hornbill Service, nor is there a facility to trigger external automation tools or make a call directly to an external application.

Having said that, this capability may not be too far away. Development work is on-going which is exploring the various approaches in providing this Automation and integration specifically from the BPM. The following forum post gives you an indication of things to come: 

The particular feature mentioned in the forum post is still in the experimental stage, and it may be subject to change depending on the path development takes but as I say, hopefully, in the near future there will be options available to us.

I hope that helps,

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