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No Mobile Notifications

Steve Giller

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I'm testing the mobile app for our Field workers, and the initial run suggests that notifications are not showing - is this a known issue?

As you can see from the attached photo, the alert (having been sent a task) is visible in the Web Client but not the Mobile App, although it is showing if I go to the Activities tab.


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I've just been testing a workflow that generates tasks, in this run there are 4 tasks, all assigned to my "testing" group.

In the web client the alert (bell) icon has a nice orange disc with "4" in it, and when I click on it the 4 tasks show.

In the mobile app there is no disc over the icon, if I click on the alerts tab it is empty (apart from the "No items found" message) but the tasks do show if I navigate to Activities, and I can action them from there without issue - but I need the alerts to show as the team I am developing this workflow for are going to rely heavily on mobile devices.

Am I missing a setting, is this by design (in which case, can it not be?) or is there an issue with this function presently?

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I'm still seeing this issue: Unless I set on the "Tasks" screen and pull down to refresh I am not getting any indication that I have tasks to complete.

When I force a refresh in this way everything works as expected, but I really need the notification icon to display the number of tasks (etc.) that need my attention and the notifications lists to be populated, rather than relying on staff to manually refresh individual screens.


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Still struggling with this - as you can see from the images - the task is there, just not the notification.
Almost all of the functionality is in place and working as expected ... if you know what to look for ... but I want my caretakers to see an alert icon with the number of waiting tasks, not to have to rely on them opening the Activities pane.

Something else I stumbled across today; I don't know how to (or if you can) close off a task in the mobile app when the outcome is set to require a reason. I would have expected to tap the "Done" checkbox then have a popup to enter the reason, or alternatively to have an "Enter reason" icon under the task, but that does not appear to be the case, unless I'm missing something.


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