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Would it be possible to incorporate a change that would automatically add people as connections to a call from the email I.e. If the email is sent to the service desk email and other people, could the other people be added to the call as connections?

could the same be done for people who are CC'd into an email to the service desk?

i suspect this might be a bit complicated and there will probably be occasions where a person included in the email doesn't exist in the system as they are a third party

It would also be great if anyone added as a connection to a call could see that call via the portal

i like the recent update to allow managers to be set against users and then for that manager to be able to see all the calls of the people they manage. Just need a few hours to get it all set up now :P

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Hi @Everton1878

Thanks for your post.  This is an interesting idea.  So, to make sure I understand, these are incoming emails that you are processing as either new requests or possibly updating existing requests and you would like the other recipients of the email to be added as connections provided they exist as a contact or user in Hornbill.

We do have a planned change that will provide a new Progressive Capture form for adding connections when raising a request.  This will still be manual and only for new requests but possibly this will help.  I will do some investigation to see what it would take to include these other recipients automatically.  I will post back if I have some updates for you.

I'm pleased to hear that you like the ''My Managed Staff'' view of requests in the portals.  Let us know how you get on.




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Hi @James Ainsworth, yes, you got what I was saying :)

IF those connections could also see the call through the portal as well that would be great

We still get people having conversations with each other with the service desk email copied in and it would be great if we could just direct them to use the portal to keep it all in one place

Then we just need them to stop having the conversation before getting the reference number so we don't get duplicate calls or waste time trying to see which call that message is about!

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