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Feature Request - Achievements


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Hello All,

Would like to request some enhancements to the Achievements feature to flesh it out a bit and make it a bit more usable.

We're a small team and won't really use it for it's original purpose (time restraints etc.) however am hoping to use make full use of the tool and use the achievements function as a way of granting clearance for systems and assigning a "lead" analyst for specific systems.

Have done some testing and it will work but not that great, would need the following functionality (which I think is pretty reasonable and would be useful for any use of the achievements function) to make full use of it:

- Ability to revoke an achievement

- Ability to see all analysts that have achieved a certain achievement

- Ability to view category of achievement - either extra text or when you hover over it

- Ability to search an achievement 

- Ability to list achievements differently on an analysts page - currently it lists as date only but categories would also be useful

Many thanks,


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