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Improvement Suggestion - Date calculations

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I cannot find a way to put a request on hold until a specified date within BPM. As far as I can see the on hold period doesn't allow a date to be entered at all, only a duration from the current time.

We would like to suggest an improvement to the update request task, Place on Hold to allow a date or variable to be provided.

We'd further like to suggest that both a date (defaulting to today) and duration can be specified for all tasks that calculate a date. In MariaDb the ADDDATE function Calculates the date from the start date plus the duration and even allows negative intervals to be specified.
For instance if the start date is set to 1/4/17 and the duration is -1 week this would set the task start date as 25/3/17. Hey presto we have a warning notice! Leave the date blank and enter a duration and it operates as now. Enter a date and leave the duration blank (or zero) to set a specific date.

Any thoughts?

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You are correct, at the moment you can only specify a duration to put it on hold. We too would like the additional option to have a specify a variable, for example when a change request is scheduled we would want to put the request on hold until the date and time it is scheduled for.,



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