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Found 5 results

  1. In the BPM we use wiki markup to 'highlight' things in the description to the analyst e.g. But when we use these details in the description and then send an email it includes the Wiki Markup that looks strange in the emails: Is there a way to remove this?
  2. So when editing the Description field within an asset we can add wiki markup which works in the asset viewer: But when you are searching for an asset e.g. as part of a PCF is does not rending the wiki markup, can this be changed? I also would take a guess that wiki markup also counts towards the 255 character limit in the description field?
  3. When updating the resolution text as part of a BPM does it honor wiki markup? e.g. if we add a link like [[https://live.hornbill.com/xxx/servicemanager/selfservice2/raise/xxxx/serviceRequest/xxx/|'''reset password here''']] we would expect the email to display reset password here with a link to the form.....
  4. Hi, Could we have colours added to the wiki markup please? I tried {{colour|red|<Text>}} on a PC form and it doesn't work I also tried a hex colour value and the American spelling of colour with no effect so I am assuming that there is no colour template. Thanks
  5. I have looked at the Hornbill Wiki Markup page and wondered if other wiki markup will be supported in the future, such as the ability to insert tables, to further enhance the appearance of progressive capture and user experience. Tables, in particular, would be useful in displaying images side by side. Or is there another way to do this?
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