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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, Now I know this is brand new and I am loving it so far, however, could we have some options around widget behaviour for this: I want to be able to have a widget showing in column 4 only if there is data to show. If there is no data and the widget is hidden, I want the widget in columns 1-3 to expand into the empty space so I dont have a gaping hole in the page. If this is possible already I cant find how to configure it. Basically I want to have a full bar widget showing available services, but if a user has currently open requests, show those in column 4. If no open requests then only display available services across the 4 columns. Thanks, Dan
  2. Hi We've got a widget on one of our dashboards that displays all requests owned by a certain team that will breach within 24 hours. It has the headings reference, fix target and owner. When there are no requests belonging to that team that are due to breach in 24 hours, it shows the column headings but nothing underneath (below). Is there something we can configure so that it 1) doesn't show the headings at all, or 2) states "no results found" (or similar) below the headings? Some staff may see that and think the widget isn't working correctly, as the headings are displayed but no requests! Thanks Lauren
  3. Hello Is there a way to sort a widget bar chart by the grouping name? i have a number of widgets on a dashboard that i would like to keep the same order of the resolver group on the bar graph. would also be good to have in an Alphabetical order Any help would be appropriated
  4. Following recent Admin Tool updates the 'Icon' drop down in Widgets for Counter List Items is no longer returning any results, so you are not able to select any icon. Cheers Martyn
  5. Hi I am trying to create a widget that displays a bar chart showing the number of open requests per analyst in a certain team, where the x-axis is the analyst (owner) and the y-axis is the number of requests. Is this possible? If so, how would I go about setting this up? I've managed to create a bar chart that displays the number of requests as a whole that each analyst in a certain team owns, but cannot work out how to split further into request type per analyst. Thanks Lauren
  6. Hi, I was wondering if there was anyway to set up a call resolution record widget. By this I mean having a widget that displays the top 5 people who have the resolved the highest amount of calls in a 7 day period. But showing this forever. E.G. John Smith has resolved 84 calls in a week at some point and Keith has resolved 76 calls in one week. These top 2 places will be displayed on a widget as these values forever (Unless they manage to beat that amount) We like to have a bit of friendly competiton in the office so this would make it all the better. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I was just wondering what the command would be to remove another person from a widget. One of our team has recently left and due to company policy we cannot remove his account from the system yet. However, we have widgets that come up on a large screen in our office detailing the amount of calls that have been resolved by the top 5 people in a week, month and year. I would like to know what command I would need to use in order to specifically filter him out of the equation.
  8. We currently do a CSV export of all calls logged for the last 2 years, import it into MS Access, run various queries and export to Excel to produce our graphs I've been able to replicate some of our current graphs in the advanced analytics but I'm stuck with the following ones Open Vs Closed Tickets with Queue Impact I can get the red and the green bars onto a graph but I can't add the line graphs to the same graph. We also need to be able to add trend and target lines Outstanding Tickets by Age I might be able to do this, I think I would need to create a measure for each range of days We also like to be able to do a pie chart per team i.e. Development, Engineering, Infrastructure and Service Delivery Calls Opened by Site I couldn't get it to show the sites along the bottom instead of the months Opened v Resolved by Team Previous Month I can do this one with the exception of combining our two service delivery teams into one as it is grouped by team We have a Service Delivery Reception and Service Delivery Escalation team but we tend to report them together as Service Delivery Resolved Calls by Resolution Type Previous Month We can pull out the closure profiles but we only want to report on the top level Calls may be closed as 4CS > Fault or 4CS > Request but we just want to report 4CS If we can do that, then I also want to be able to do for the last 3 months, so we'd have one bar for each profile per month Closed by Team (In and Out of Fix) I think I can probably do the smaller pie charts but not sure how to do the bigger one with the multiple teams and the percentage of calls closed in and out of fix for each Percentage of Calls Closed Within Fix I've just managed to get close to this but the percentages are a bit out In our current reports we just look at closed and resolved calls but when I put that criteria into the measure the percentages are way out I've not tried the average fix time yet but I think I should be able to do that one
  9. Hi all, I am trying to have a live dashboard to display in the service desk with stats such as: Number of tickets open - total Number of tickets logged - daily Number of tickets open - per analyst Number of tickets breached - total However it seems that the measures will only rescan once per day so all of the widgets are a day behind. I have a widget set up to show open tickets (attached) and even though it seems incorrect (47 open tickets, I can only see 38 in service manager) it has captured the three I logged yesterday, just a day behind. I am certain it is something I have done (or not done) as is usually the case. Any ideas? Thanks Dan
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