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  1. I'm sure that I raised this before but I can't find any trace of it! When creating a view if you use the 'Closure Category' and set it to be a Level, it just shows you that level and not the sub-levels e.g. If I choose Service Manager from this list: It shows me all the requests the have been closed with Service Manager, but not those below e.g. PCF Created, User Trained. You have to select all the options from all the levels, to get them to all appear. Can we set it so that all sub-levels are added to the view?
  2. Hello all, I'm not sure whether this is a fault but we are starting to look at reporting and we do use the resolve by previous month in views in Service Manager. I can't see anything wrong with our configuration but it brings back Dec 2020 data. I'm trying to establish if we're the only ones with this issue, or whether other customers are also experiencing this issue? If it's the latter I will raise a support ticket. To help with this please see the attached screenshots. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards Adam
  3. So when we create a view to search for data verses the database we get different results which is confusing us as to which is the correct information, can anyone shed any light as to what we are doing wrong? View The resolution text in the box is 'After clicking on the option Login into the Applicant View you will be able to login with the below credentials:', this gives184 results Database When we do the same in the database we get 153 results: This is the database search: SELECT * FROM h_itsm_requests where h_resolution like '%After clicking on the option Login into the Applicant View you will be able to login with the below credentials:%' and h_datelogged <= '2021-01-01 00:00:00' and h_requesttype = 'Incident'
  4. Hello Team, When creating a view and adding custom fields to create custom collums, this only goes up to custom field O. Are there any plans to or a way to add P,Q,R,S,&T to this, as we want to utilise this as an exportable criteria from views. Thank you, Foley
  5. When adding specific columns to views I am finding that the limitations of having only certain columns is getting problematic therefore can I request that Custom P to T and Custom 31 to 40 are added to be able to add to views? I know that this could lead to issues as the columns are 'unlimited' but we have certain information that we need to be visible in the view if possible. Thanks in advance.
  6. Is it possible to raise a feature request to get the tomorrow option added to the view creation criteria selection for a date field ??
  7. Following the latest updates I am unable to create new charts off of views. When attempting to create a chart an error flashes up when clicking save. Has anyone come across this or know the cause?
  8. I have created a view to see all of the jobs created by my team and chosen the analysts and one is PeckR However, in the charts and list of jobs, it returns Lauren Waters (who doesn't exist in our instance), we also have a Ryan MacNeil that is labelled as another one of our analysts. Older charts are OK but new ones seem to have some issues. Please see below the highlighted people don't work for us...
  9. I recently archived an analyst that has left the company. After I while a dashboard that was owned/created by that employee was sought by another person and wasn't found. So I un-archived the user again to to login as him/her and try to find it but there were none. Question is, are dashboards/views deleted on archiving or has the user cleaned up before leaving?
  10. We have a ever growing list of views setup in our request list, both individual and shared. Consequently this is becoming harder and more time consuming trying to scroll down to locate a specific view. Can a Filter field be added to the View drop down covering both your own and shared views, akin to the one on Team drop down, so it easier to get to the view you want more easily. Cheers Martyn
  11. Hi could I ask that the lists when making views are alphabetised please? It makes it a nightmare for some things (attached is our CI list, which is quite long) Thanks
  12. Can the Request List View Charts be extended to include a score card output as well, i.e listing the number of current cases against a label which can then be clicked on to access the associate requests? This comes from us trying to migrate one of our service desk from "Sales Force Desk", where on the left hand side of the request list has a configured list of views with real-time counters on them, allowing them to see at a glance the current call volumes and drill down into the different categories. Example screenshot below. Cheers Martyn
  13. Is there a way to achieve the above as we have set up many views which include custom fields but you can't then create a chart based on the custom fields?
  14. Hi, It is likely that this has been raised previously, however I was unable to locate any posts: Currently, within the request list you are either able to view all request types (by selecting "All") or one request type (by selecting the relevant icon) - you cannot select two different types of request without creating a custom view. Is there a change planned at all to enable analysts to select multiple request types? Thanks Lauren
  15. Hi, Since I did the SM update yesterday I have had reports of SM users not being able to use views they had set up for tickets assigned to other teams. One view was setup like this (his team is team one): IF team_name = it service desk AND h_status = new, open, on-hold; this view worked fine until I performed the update I created a test view: IF team_name <> team one AND h_servicename = incident service, service request service; this view also worked Changing the newly created view to: IF team_name = service desk AND h_servicename = incident service, service request service shows no requests. It looks to be a permissions issue but as he is in a team that supports the services and the view worked until the update I don't see that it is anything he / we have done. Thanks, Dan
  16. When in a view is it possible to get these icons to show? (like in the normal request list view)
  17. Not sure if this is a bug, but it was working before Christmas for me and I recently updated our instance and now I can no longer export the fields in a new view for Within repose time and within resolve time, see below. Any ideas?
  18. Hi Is it possible to do a view on all tickets that are within 4hours of failing an SLA?
  19. Hi, When viewing the supplier catalog the view selected is not remembered on the next visit and always reverts back to the list rather than the tiles. There is a cog icon in the top right of the view but it is greyed out and not selectable. I have both supplier manager roles.
  20. When creating either a personal or shared view in the Request List Views definition, it would also be useful to be able to specify what column to sort by and whether it is ascending or descending, which is then stored and applied when selecting the view. Cheers Martyn
  21. When using Request List Views and sharing them to your team/colleagues, it would be useful for conditions such as 'Owner' where you can insert a dynamic variable of the current analyst id rather than a literal value. This could also apply to other analyst id related fields such as Closed By, Created By, Resolved By etc. This way as a manager I can maintain a common set of views I share to my team but they will 'personalise' automatically to the analyst who is running them without them needing to create their own copy. Cheers Martyn
  22. Hi, I am experiencing a small issue with custom views. When adding a filter on the field "Site" I get an error message despite selected a value. Are you aware of a bug? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  23. Good morning, I have a query with regards to the Request List area. Can we add a new condition to check for in the “Views” where Thanks, - Samuel Wood -
  24. Though the Sub Status field is present and view-able on the the Request List screen, it is not appearing in the condition drop down when setting up a view on the Request List. One of the main reasons we are implementing Sub Statuses is to allow our analyst to be able to differentiate and filter their request lists based on the more detailed status information offered by the Sub Status facility. Can this be added to the condition drop down as a matter of urgency? The other recent additions such as Service Level and Service Level Agreement are present, but not the Sub Status field. Cheers Martyn
  25. I have created a view and I want to copy it by selecting MAKE A COPY... but this doesn't seem to do anything - perhaps I'm missing something - can anyone help please? Forum - Copy a View Issue.docx
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