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Found 9 results

  1. I'm hoping someone can help with this. We had a new user start with the company on the 22nd of October. I believe that the overnight LDAP import would mean that the user would exist in Hornbill (our usual Hornbill administrator is on AL at the moment so I could be wrong). They don't yet exist so I manually ran the import but the user still doesn't appear and it shows that there are 2 errors (see below). Is there something I am doing wrong or something i should be doing? Thanks
  2. Is there a way where we can associate more than one email address to a user? we have a part of the business which we purchased recently which we have just imported into Hornbill. They uses an R&R email address for SSO (this imports them into Hornbill), but when they reply to emails from the system, they send from their other email address which is not linked to their account and the email sits in the mailbox waiting for us to manually process. is there any option to associate more than one email address to a user?
  3. When using the user picker there is the option of a query string, is there any documentation to describe what you can use this for? Ideally, we would like to just display certain people in the list either via a role or by a field that is against a basic user like building, for example, we have students and staff in our system so we would like to just show staff by not showing those who have Student or Unknown in their site.
  4. One of our users is unable to select their tickets through internet explorer. When they log in and go to my requests and select a ticket, the ticket is highlighted orange but does not open. They can access the support portal through Chrome. It is specific to one user, they have tried on a different computer using internet explorer - and the problem still occurs. I have tried clearing cookies, cache, allowing pop-ups on internet explorer and this is still now working. Any advice?
  5. Hi, We're relatively new to the Hornbill platform - we've just finished our 30 Day Switch On and now we're configuring and testing for go-live. The Forums are a great resource to get information about the products but perhaps some of us could meet up - informally of course - to share best practices and to pick up tips and tricks that others have gained from experience. If Hornbill wanted to get involved too, then perhaps an afternoon's agenda could look like this: Overview of upcoming features - Hornbill Open topic Lean Coffee meeting (http://leancoffee.org/) - All Demonstrations - a couple of willing volunteers share some neat tricks they've incorporated into their business processes. How about it? David
  6. Morning all, Quick question, when we log a call we ask the user for the building they work in, their phone number and room number. If that same user calls back another day about a different issue we have to ask it all over again as it is not auto populated. Is there a way for the information to be saved against the user permanently without having to go into their profile and manually put it in? Many thanks Hayley
  7. Hello, If a user is removed from Active Directory is their Hornbill account also removed automatically? If so, how long does this take and what happens to any calls that they may have - either assigned to them or raised by them. Thanks, Melissa
  8. At the moment when you first log into Hornbill the search entity type defaults to 'Workspaces', it would be eally useful for this to be a configurable default on a per user basis to different entity type, such as Requests. Cheers Martyn
  9. Hi, Following issues with the ldap user import utility, I had a look a the source code to try and determine the source of the problem. It turns out it is proxy related. So my question is the following: once you get the list of profiles from the AD, you have a loop that checks if the user already exists and the update or create. Instead of opening a connection, updating / creating a user profile and closing the connection every time you call a web method on the API, would it be possible to open a single connection and close it upon completion or error? The reason I am asking is because the current method generates a lot of login / logout for, from my perspective, no real reasons. What do you think? Thanks, Lyonel
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