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Found 5 results

  1. We have noticed that it seems that the LDAP importation tool for adding accounts to Service Manager seems to be broken, although it uploads new accounts correctly it does not seem to update the accounts. When it checks for updates it seems to see a created record and then skip the any updates. Below is the message from our Infrastructure team: "We have updated the import tool to the latest from Hornbill and checked that all attributes are available to the account making the requests from Hornbill. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug where it is only creating accounts and not updating them." Please can this be looked into with some urgency as it appears that no records have been updated for a very long time and we are starting to see the ramifications of this e.g. name changes not being updated, incorrect/no email addresses not being updated.
  2. We are not able to log into Service Manager this morning please can someone look into this for us as a matter of urgency this is via the analyst portal. If we log into self service then we can get in to the system is there something we need to update since the move to the UI last night?
  3. Good afternoon, We've only just discovered there is an issue with our main Mailbox in Hornbill, which actually started on Monday evening. This was only discovered today as we've not been receiving any emails, and everyone assumed that someone has already picked up any new requests or updates to tickets to notice that this hasn't been working. It was only until we needed to look back at one of the requests that would have been created yesterday that we discovered this issue. It turns out that on Monday, we've blocked a load of IP addresses. We are concerned that one of the ones we blocked is the one that feeds emails from the mailbox in Office 365 to Hornbill, as everything else related to the Mailbox on Office 365 seems to be ok. We have another Mailbox that a different department uses, that is still sending and receiving emails fine though. Can we have a list of IP Addresses that processes IMP email into our instance, so we can check to see if any of them are blocked? We need this working as we may have missed some urgent emails or important updates to tickets. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Hi, I have come in this morning to find that none of the analysts can raise any tickets and are getting the attached error when they try. I can raise tickets (as I have super user access) but this is not a work around I am comfortable with. Can we have this looked at ASAP Thanks
  5. Please note since the upgrade this morning to Service Desk, our analysts are not able to log, amend or close calls. Please can you look into this immediately. Regards, Mike.
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