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Found 9 results

  1. Just a little annoyance of mine that I correct on forms.... I have an image below of a form, the top text is a label and then there is a question below. My query is why are the questions in font size 13 and then the labels font size 11 (guessing this one), can they not be the same please?
  2. In the old Availability option, you could specify a textual description and this was retrained even when changing between availability statuses. Since the implementation of the new facility this is deleted every time the status is changed. Can the additional textual description be maintained as it was before. For example I had some standard text reminding colleagues of my working pattern. Cheers Martyn
  3. Hi All, I know that "Dark Mode" is an experimental feature, but some of text is invisible when this option is ON. Please see the picture. Tested on new and old Edge browser, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Any chance this will be changed it in the future? This is in a "Requests List" view: Thanks, Daniel
  4. With this text is there a way to adjust this, via translations maybe.... We just want to add a bit more to say e.g. If you require this to be re-opened please contact the Service Desk....
  5. So I have made a link section and I have managed to sucessfully change the colour and the text at the top of the link box, but how do you change the text colour on the main body of the box? I have changed the colour in the Style but it does not reflect in the body: If you change the colour in the link itself it does not look right....
  6. When you look at a CI in the portal if looks like this: When you click through it seems to capitalise the first letter This is the first form that we have where the text should display eRecords with a small 'e' like iPhone etc, can this respect the formatting of the CI when it is set up e.g.
  7. Please see the image of the questions section where the text is not displaying correctly... Ironically when booking to come to Insights!
  8. Hello, is there a way to remove the drop shadow from the text that appears on the bulletins in the Service portal? It has been raised as an issue for users with possible eye sight difficulties. Ideally I would like to turn the drop shadow off, but this doesn't appear to be an option Thanks Darren
  9. When using Charts in the dashboard the data label text size is too small to read when displayed on a large screen. Resizing the graph and putting each graph on it own dashboard in the slideshow still does not increase the size of the data labels, just the width of the chart elements. Can a change be raised to allow control of the text size of the data labels for the Chart widgets, so that we can increase the size of the text to make it readable on a large screen from surrounding desks. Cheers Martyn
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