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Found 5 results

  1. Can we request an enhancement to the 'Support Teams' functionality for Services. In the current security model you have to be a member of a 'Support Team' to be able to view a request or added as an individual member on the request. In order to give some of our teams access to requests, but stop them from being able to be assigned requests, I duplicate team organisation objects and then disable assignment to all users in the duplicate team. This has an overhead and create unnecessary duplicate teams. Can we request an enhancement to be able to disable assignment against a 'Supporting Team' entry on the Service screen. This way we do not need to duplicate organisation objects and they still have access to the request as per the current security model. Cheers Martyn
  2. We have some services where we have supporting teams which works well, however some of these requests need to be shared with other teams but can't find a way to make this possible. We have tried adding a linked service, but this still honours the original service and does not allow access to the request. The only way that we can get this to work is to add a specific analyst as a member then they can see the request, is it possible to allow analysts access by honouring the access of any services that are linked to that request?
  3. One of the challenges we face, as I suspect a number of us do, is ensuring the request is logged under the correct service when it is first logged, given that this cannot be changed. This then affects both permissions to view the request and who you can assign it too in terms of supporting teams. To avoid having to close and raise new requests on the correct service, it would be useful to have the option around Linked Services, for the 'Support Teams' of any Linked Services to be added to the request drop down, thereby allowing allocation of the request to the correct team and those supporting the linked service visibility of said request. This way the ticket is assigned the correct team and also you do not have to add all teams to every service, thereby bypassing in affect the security model. Cheers Martyn
  4. Afternoon, The new functionality to control subscribers at catalogue level, is great - BUT Are there any plans afoot to do the same for Supporting teams? We have a requirement for some catalogue items to be visible to some supporting teams, but should be restricted to other supporting teams - within a single service. We have temporarily solved this by setting up two services for a single application - but this is confusing for the end users when they use the self-service portal. (Another option that I looked at was using the bpm after the ticket is logged to redirect to another Service, but I don't think that's possible) Cheers, Claire
  5. Hello, I am hoping you may be able to help. We have a team who we would like to lock down so that they can only see calls raised to their two relevant services. They should not be able to see any calls that have been raised under any other service. Anyone should be able to see their calls and anyone should be able to raise calls under their two services. Could you tell me what the best way of doing this would be? I have tried a few different ways but can't seem to get it quite right. I hope this makes sense. Your help on this matter would be appreciated. Many thanks, Melissa
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