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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, Is there a way of bulk updating ticket sub-status? I know I can bulk assign incidents. Thanks James
  2. If a job is closed/resolved/cancelled then it clears all sub-statuses. Therefore when trying to run reports, we are unable to see whether a job has been on-hold and how long for if it is now closed/resolved/cancelled. In some instances, a job has clearly been on hold, e.g. the SLA for the job was 5 days and says met, however the job was resolved 3 months after being logged. The only way to delve deeper and find out how long the job was on hold for it to search for the job itself in the analyst portal, which is impractical when looking at reports for thousands of jobs. I believe this was raised by another colleague on the Customer Support portal back in April/May, with the resolution stated as a product defect that will be rectified in a later update. Do you have any idea when this will be actioned as it is affecting our reporting?
  3. When a request is updated via email and the System AutoResponder adds the email to the request, is there a way of taking the request off hold automatically. We have this when we updated a request manually via email and an analyst applies an email to it then it auto takes the request off hold.
  4. Is there a way so that when you change the sub-status of a request it can move the request on a board to a different lane?
  5. When viewing requests on the Mobile app there appear to be some key fields which are not present, such as details of the Customer, Priority, Service Level, Sub-Status etc. Are there any plans to improve the Service Manager element of the mobile apps to add this level of detail in? Cheers Martyn
  6. On the wiki, there is no details on the Request Sub-status options "On Customer Response change Sub-status to..." to explain what is counted as a customer response and would trigger the status to be changed. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Request_Sub-statuses Is this being updated by the portal, having an email update applied to it form the shared mailbox etc? Can you advise on what specific conditions will trigger this. Thanks. Martyn
  7. I have currently trying to update the status and sub-status of a request from the BPM. The BPM node Update Request > Place on Hold is working fine and selecting the correct sub status on the request. However when I use the Update Request > Status node and specifying both the status and sub-status, only the status value is updated and no the sub-status. I checked that it is not a screen refresh issues, like the known issue with putting requests on hold via the BPM, as it is not reflected in the database either. Cheers Martyn
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