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Found 4 results

  1. Could we please have a sorting functionality implemented for Reqeusts in the mobile app? The filtering is good. With different request types and predefined views (association). But a button to reverse the sorting would be really nice. I don't see a way of sorting from newest to oldest in todays app.
  2. Hi, I am trying to display on a graph the number of requests logged per service and keep only the top 5 over the last 3 month (to show the evolution). But I cannot get to sort the data... Is it just me being a noob? Or is it not possible at this stage? Here is what I get: Here is what I would like (x3 as I need 3 month): Any help would be appreciated!!! Thanks
  3. Hi, In the list of progressive captures and BPMs, when I try to sort by dates, the sorting does not seem to work properly. Also, when I use the search textbox, it looks like it is returning duplicates. Could you please have a look? Thanks
  4. A customer recently posted product feedback which turned out to be a question, so I thought I would answer it here as other people might find he response useful. So you can control this behaviour by choosing the option from here...
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