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Found 11 results

  1. The Customer Portal at the moment appears to group the catalog display order by Request Type and then the order of the catalog items as per the Request Type. At the moment it appears to sort the Request Types alphabetically. We are in the process of enabling the display of change requests on the portal, so we are seeing all the change request catalog items appear first and then the incident ones. Could there be a setting added to allow us to configure the order of request types as they as displayed on the portal? In our case we would want to show them in the order Incident, Service and Change, but having a user configurable setting would allow people to set there own preference on their instance. Cheers Martyn
  2. When setting up a report on a measure, the drop down list of 'Report Measures' is not sorted and there is no filter. This make is quite cumbersome when you have a large number of measures. Can the drop down list be sorted alphabetically as a minimum and if possible a filter option added?. Cheers Martyn
  3. Where you have a large number of contacts set within an organisation for access via the customer portal, the current Portal Access screen can be somewhat of a pain to navigate and locate the account given that it does not appear to be sorted at all at the moment. Would it be possible to have the ability to filter on the portal access screen fields, as well as sort by contact name, 'Can Cancel' and 'Organisation View'. Thanks Martyn
  4. We'd like the ability to sort or organize our FAQs for each service. Either alphabetically or in order of most common. Right now we're unsure of the sorting logic. It doesn't look like it's sorted by Views - but it may be sorted by the number of 'likes'? I've mostly noticed newest articles appear at the bottom. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!
  5. At the moment Notifications are shown with the latest ones at the top. It would be useful to be able to sort them in reverse order as well. Also, it would be good to display/group related notifications for the same request or workspace, make it easier to manage large number of notifications. Good for when you come back from leave to a big number of them! Cheers Martyn
  6. The display/sort order of Catalog Items when displayed on both the Portal and within Services is not in alphabetical order. I suspect that it is sorted at the moment by the Icon value you choose for each catalog item rather than the title of the catalog item. Where you have a large number of catalog items this can make it very hard to navigate/locate the correct one. Can the sort order by set to alphabetical by the title or provide the controls to order them manually. Cheers Martyn
  7. Oddly enough we can't sort by department in the requests view. Not sure why but the field just doesn't have the option? This would be extremely useful for us where agents are deployed to specific locations and could potentially pick up multiple tickets. Regards, Mike.
  8. Would it be possible (or is it possible) to show calls on a board in a particular order? For example, I would like to show the latest calls FIRST. Currently they're shown LAST. If you've got a board with 50 calls on it, it would make more sense (to me) to have the latest ones at the top. The best solution would be to have a SORT on FIELD option when you edit the board.
  9. When attempting to sort the list of users by the Online column in the Organisational Data > Users section in the Admin Tool, the list is not sorted correctly. Cheers Martyn
  10. At the moment completed activities displayed down the right hand side when viewing a request appear to be sorted in 'Due by' order. It would be really useful and more logical for if for complete activies the 'Completed On' field is displayed and this used to determine the sort order of the completed activities. We use 'Resolve By' date and time from the request when generating the activities, so a number of activities generated by the BPM process can have the same 'Due by' date and time, where as 'Completed On' shows them in the true order they where completed. Cheers Martyn
  11. When using the Contact Access tab in Portal Accounts to check whether a contact is setup for portal access and what there status is, you are currently not able to search or sort the list. It would be really useful to be able to search by name as well as login ID, plus the ability to sort the list by the displayed columns as they currently do not appear to be in any specific order. Cheers Martyn
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