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Found 7 results

  1. Related to my earlier post about snippets on Human Task reason field, can there also be an option to enable this on any additional fields of the type 'Multi line text' as well, as we make use of a number of additional fields of this type, especially for integration, which this would be very useful. Cheers Martyn
  2. Related to the post below about having access to 'Snippets' in the request view 'Update' action, can I also request that they are also made available in the 'Reason' field when completing Human Task/Activity as well. Cheers Martyn
  3. Is it possible to add the Snippets option to the Resolve call feature within requests? This would be handy for the analysts to close calls with a generic statement. Thanks Andy
  4. We are new to Service Manager, having used Supportworks for a number of years. When using Supportworks we heavily utilised the MultiClip functionality. This enabled our analysts to quickly update/resolve requests by simply pasting in to the relevant text fields. It was a great contributor in reducing our resolution times and providing a more streamlined service to our customers. I wondered if there is any likelihood of the MultiClip editor being implemented in Service Manager in the near future. We are aware of the "Snippets" function when using E-Mail, however the addition of MultiClips would benefit our departments hugely.
  5. Hi all, When sending email to customers from Service Manager we have noticed that formatting is dropped. Is there a way around this?
  6. Would it be possible to have a field in the Email Snippets that inserts the text of the last timeline update, i.e. if you completed and updated an a task, you can then send an email to the customer using a snippet but bringing in the text from the completed task? Cheers Martyn
  7. As most of our services are provided to external customers, we utilise emails from our incidents quite a bit, so have a large number of Email Snippets we are setting up, to replicate some of the Support Works Templates we had defined for the different actions. At the moment when you create Email Snippets they are displayed in the order they where created (i.e. database order) not alphabetically. Can a change request be raised to allow the control of the order Email Snippets are displayed, i.e. with ability to a snippet up or down the order or form them to be displayed alphabetical order? Cheers Martyn Forum Admin Edit: The functionality was provided in one of the earlier Service Manager builds. This thread is now locked.
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