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Found 8 results

  1. Please see attached. When the site name has been selected, it shows the site ID in the form review section on the right instead of the site name. Can this be corrected please?
  2. is there a way to customize the "Select Site" form. I would like to show to the customer what i wroted at the business process level
  3. We've started to utilise the "Company" field for our sites - to add some context, we have sites across both Kent and Essex and have added the two counties as our companies. We've then associated each site to a company based on its location. We have support teams across Kent and Essex who currently have their request lists set to show any requests where the customer's company is either Kent or Essex. However, some of our staff based in Essex work in Kent and vice versa. This therefore means that the support teams' requests lists aren't always accurate. As every request has a site ass
  4. Hi guys, I am not sure if this is already a feature but after doing some digging around I cannot find anything available. It would be great if we could associate a "main contact" (internal staff member) to a site and then be able to use this as a variable for example to use within emails if correspondence needs to go out quickly via some sort of automation. It would also act as a nice "who to speak to" for any staff members using Hornbill and have access to sites. Thanks, Jack
  5. This is very odd, I wanted to make 'site' optional on a form. I'm using the standard 'Select Site' form. Easy enough, I just set 'Is Mandatory' to 'false'. However when I raised a test call it just skipped over the question, I can use the 'back' button to go back and enter a site, but should it behave like that? Cheers, Claire
  6. Would it be possible to have a standard field added to the external Organisation entity to allow the specification of 'Parent Organisation' which then uses a data provider of other organisations except the current one. The idea for this is to link but keep distinct related organisation, which the information can then be used for reporting purposes, such as producing reports on groups of organisations, as well as individually. This is related to but different from our earlier request (below) for the support of sites under external organisations as per Support Works, to allow the optio
  7. Hi! I may be doing something a bit silly, I am not sure... But a colleague wanted to have a view of all tickets for users in our Edinburgh office, but this came back blank. I gave it a go just in case he'd configured it wrong, but mine came back with just one ticket... I know at least one other person with a site of "Edinburgh" has two tickets against them, so this view should bring back much more than one! Anything obvious I should be trying? The users in question do have their "site" field populated with "Edinburgh"... Other than that I don't know what could be going wron
  8. Hi When looking at an incident record or a service request record. The “site attribute” currently shows within the “details” tab. Is it possible to have this within the “customer” tab instead? The reason being is this record isn’t being populated when users log a job through the service portal. We ideally want this record to be automatically populated instead of having to manually do it once the job has been logged. Thanks Ben
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