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Found 9 results

  1. We have a legacy Shared Mailbox which we are about to delete. I want to check that in deleting the mailbox it would also cascade and delete all the stored content of received and sent email in said mailbox.Or is the guidance that this should be deleted first? Cheers Martyn
  2. Linked to earlier post for Auto Responder to include To and CC addresses in the timeline entry when new request is logged, this is an enhancement request for the same functionality when raising a new request via the Shared Mailbox - Raise New Request option. Currently this option does not include the details, but when logged by the Auto Responder it does. Example screenshot below. Cheers Martyn
  3. If I want to start using a different O365 mailbox with my shared mailbox, is it as simple as changing the default email addresses and the authentication on the IMAP4 service entry? Would that work and are there any other steps?
  4. When raising a new request or applying an update to a request manually via the Shared Mailbox there is no language option and the system applies the language of the analyst processing the email. In order to support a multilingual shared mailbox there needs to be the options for Language drop down defaulting to the analyst setting, but containing all activated languages in the instance. Where matched contact, highlight the default language of the contact in the language drop down. Provide the translate option when viewing an email based on the language drop down. Use the selected language as the setting on the request/timeline entry created by the process. If theses could be looked at as enhancements to complete the setup of multiple language support, especially for those of us who provide external support and still have a significant email communication stream. Cheers Martyn
  5. Can an option be added to allow the renaming of folders in the Shared Mailbox. At the moment we created an 'inbox archive <month>_<year>' each month in each of our mailboxes and then change the system wide setting for the destination of processed emails, due to the volume of emails in our main mailboxes. However as we are now added further lower volume mailboxes, it would be easier to manage if we could just rename the default 'Inbox Archive' folder each month/as needed and then re-create a new empty 'Inbox Archive' folder to collection to store the next period of emails. We segment the mailbox this way to speed up searching due to the high volume archived emails. Cheers Martyn
  6. We have a multiple shared mailboxes for different branded services we supply, with our analysts working across them all. When sending an email from the request how do we select which one is used when the analyst updates the request? Cheers Martyn
  7. At the moment when operating with multiple shared mailboxs, i.e. we have analyst working in multiple teams, supporting different desks, it is not possible to specify a default mailbox to be used when responding by email from a request. It would be really useful to specify a default shared mailbox against each service which is then picked up when the email option is used in the service. If then at least a default mailbox per analyst. Cheers Martyn
  8. Hi all, I have recently added a second shared mailbox for our IT Security team and changed the routing rules for their folder structure. However the rules don't seem to work in their mailbox. The rules are still being picked up and used if I send the emails to the original mailbox (they just don't move the email to the correct folder after the ticket is raised as the folder doesn't exist in the Service Desk mailbox). As we cant use personal mailboxes (as they don't do what we need) we will have to use a second shared mailbox to meet our audit requirements for IT Security and as such need the rules to work with this mailbox. Any help appreciated Thanks Dan
  9. Would it be possible to have the ability to turn on or off notifications at a user level for Shared Mailboxes, akin to the similar option in workspaces where you can be a member of the workspace but turn off the the notifications? We have multiple Shared Mailboxes and though users will have a primary one they work with, they have access to the other mailbox in order to provide cover for emergencies/overflow, so therefore do not need new email notifications for the non primary mailbox. Cheers Martyn
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