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Found 11 results

  1. Good day, Hope you are well! Is there a setting where I would be able to set a maximum time of 8 hours on a Timesheet Manager Entry? I thought the timer would stop at 24:00, however it kept recording time well over it. We would like the timer to automatically stop at 8:00 for any given task. If a user would need overtime, they would need to login manually, again to record time over 8 hours.
  2. Good Morning. Just having a look at "External Authorisation" to see its capabilities. This was on the Wiki "https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/External_Authorisation" "To utilize External Authorisations, you will need to enable the experimental.feature.bpm.enableEmailApprovalNode system setting. This can be located in the admin console > Home > System > Settings > Advanced" This entry does not sit in our settings. I have tried using the "External Authorisation" Task within the BPM as I can see it but it Fails. Error Message: Email Approval failed with state error... I have seen comments that this is a new feature but someone confirmed from Hornbill that we are on the latest build. Any clues?
  3. So the next strange thing that I have noticed, I have set up a new user and did some training today and they see this: But everyone else sees this: Not sure what is wrong as I have checked settings etc and they are the same, the imagery I don't mind but the on-hold statuses are missing for the new user and there is no list just 'Place On-Hold' as we have several setup Globally that should be appearing.
  4. Currently we are able to control and disable updates to 'Closed' requests in the Service Manager > Advanced Settings, using the specific settings below. However by default 'Cancelled' requests can still be updated automatically by email, resulting in updates being missed. When requests are logged under the incorrect service, we cancel the original on and re log the request, however sometime the external customer will reply with under the original request reference not the replacement one. Can we request an enhancement either to include 'Cancelled' request within the behaviour of the current settings above, or add a new set of settings for cancelled requests. Cheers Martyn
  5. Got a (hopefully) simple query. We're going live with Service Manager soon and want to start out ticket numbering off at 800000 rather than 1. I was positive I had seen the setting to indicate what number to start from, cannot for the life of me find it again. Is this a setting, if so, where can I find it?
  6. Hi, One of our analysts keeps getting the notification about automatic backups. He has selected 'Yes', 'No' and tried going into his profile to turn it off but there doesn't appear to be the option. (Also Computer is spelt incorrectly) Any ideas? He is getting rather frustrated. Looking, I don't have the option either...
  7. Hi again, Is there a setting we can use to decide how the system should behave when dealing with email attachments received? I use the automation to automatically update requests when an email is received (and the request reference is in the title). But at the moment no attachment is added to the request and analysts have to go back to the original email... Having a switch in the settings would be quite handy If it does not exist, could we have one? Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, Just a quick question: how do you turn on "admin" notifications? I can't find any settings that relate to this... Is it done at instance level (i.e. by Hornbill directly) or do we have control other that via the application settings menu? Thanks!
  9. I have amended the following setting with service manger to use a particular BPM that we have created: app.requests.defaultBPMProcess.problem However the system is ignore this and using the default value - Example Hornbill Problem process I am missing something here? Do I need to change something else as well?
  10. Hello, We have an IMT group which contains no users, but whenever we try to delete it we get the following message: Can someone assist? Thanks, Samuel
  11. Filtering settings in the Admin Tool only seems to work up to the first period, i.e. entering app into the filter will show you all the setting beginning with this but if you enter in app.requests, which there are values for when the former filter is used are not displayed when later one is. Is this a known issue? Thank Martyn PS might be worth creating a sub forum under System Administration for the Admin Tool and moving this topic to there?
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