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Found 6 results

  1. Good afternoon I'm hoping someone can help me resolve an issue I am having with roles and rights. I would like to create a role that when associated with a user enables the editing and reassigning of tasks in calls by said user. This facility does exist if one has the superuser role but, for obvious reason, i wont be giving out that role to the larger community. I cannot seem to locate what application or system rights are required to carry out this function as part of a role. Giving the "Manage tasks" system right in a custom built role doesn't have the desired effect. Is there a library of the rights that underpin these roles and, if so, where can i find it? Additionally if anyone has achieved this goal, I would be grateful for an explanation as to how.
  2. Hi, One of our service desk manager wanted to change some service owners this morning but could not find the button on the screen so contacted me. I had a look and I have to admit I am puzzled here... This is what she sees: Yet here is the setup she has: I just had another look into the Wiki and found this: Service Desk Manager [Show Less] Collaboration Role Service Desk Admin Services Manager Dashboard Viewer The Service Desk Manager will be able to log new and update calls for all call classes as well as the ability to cancel calls or re-open closed calls. In addition the Service Desk Manager can create new Services or edit existing Services. If you have purchased the Hornbill Performance Analytics package you can view great looking Dashboards or Slideshows for detailed performance information. https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/What_Service_Manager_Roles_exist%3F She has all the relevant rights, yet she cannot see the button to edit?! Am I missing something? PS: I made sure all the cache was refreshed, tested on both IE and Chrome...
  3. Good afternoon everyone, Another quick question. None of our users have the right to resolve calls currently other than me admin, manager and Team leader of service desk. Do we know what role this sits under? and is there a safe role for this (So as not to give users too many permissions) Many thanks as always Hayley.
  4. Hi all, I am having some problems allocating the necessary rights to the Authorized Role in the Customer portal. The error is as follows: The authorized role 'portal chat session user' assigned has a higher privilege leven than guest. I am aware of the similar thread posted @Adam Haylock, but as this seems to be a different problem I decided to create a new thread. Any ideas? Thanks! Alex
  5. Hi, I am struggling to provide simple read rights to my analysts on mailboxes... Here is what I have so far: They get the following error message: Can anybody help? Thanks
  6. Hi, is is possible to remove the "edit" button on a human task?
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