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Found 7 results

  1. Looking for a way to stop Email updates from users from being applied to tickets? hoping they can just be put in the inbox for the pertaining mailbox? Or for a way that the updates would revert the tickets back to an "open" status instead of resolved.... Any ideas welcome! Josh
  2. Can I request an enhancement to the extend the JIRA iBridge integration to be able to trigger an 'transition' as it is called by Atlassian. In our case we are wishing to trigger the re-opening transistion from Hornbill. https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Answers-Developer-Questions/Can-anyone-let-me-know-if-I-can-re-open-an-incident-using-JIRA/qaq-p/533765 Cheers Martyn
  3. We have some requests the keep reopening themselves and emailing the analysts and the customer the resolution details over and over again (see below) The only way to stop this is to 'close' the request but this is supposed to be happening automatically, I have included our ending stage of the BPM below: The only difference between ours and the one that Hornbill has is that you have an expiry out of the suspend from the last decision, before we try adding this in we are wondering if the above should work? This issue only affects a certain number of our requests and we cannot find any pattens yet. Any help is appreciated....
  4. Is there a way when adding an email to a request from the mailbox to automatically re-open the request?
  5. I am trying to utilise the new suspend node 'Wait for Request Closure' within the BPM to capture when a request is marked as closed by the customer and also where they choose the reopen option in the customer/service portal (this is not configurable at the moment so the re-open option cannot be turned off). The idea was to trigger an appropriate human task to follow up the closure/rating of the request or if reopened to trigger the setup a new linked request and manually close the original request again. However it appears the 'Wait for Request Closure' suspect process is not completed when the call is re-opened and the status becomes status.open. Is there anyway at the moment to capture the re-opening of the incident in the workflow? Cheers Martyn
  6. In the Customer/Service Portal the portal account has the role of 'Service Manager Authorised Guest' but this role does not appear to have a 'permission' related to whether they are allowed to re-open resolved requests. We are trying to restrict the ability of the customer via the portal to reopen a request once it has been set to resolved. This is due to to the fact this it is not possible to pick up in the BPM process when a resolved request goes from resolved to either open (i.e. re-opened) or closed. Is there a way to disable the option in the portal to not allow the re-opening of the request, i.e. the customer only has the open to rate and close? Cheers Martyn
  7. Is there a setting to allow me to restrict who can reopen a call?
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