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Found 8 results

  1. Related to my earlier post about being able to 'Raise Request from Workspace Comment' can the feature also be extended to include the in line image associated with the Post or Comment used to raise the request as an attachment automatically on the requests progressive capture flow. Cheers Martyn
  2. Linked to the post at the bottom of this one, can the Time Sheet option on the Shared Mailbox be enabled so that we can also record the time spent against raising new requests and applying updates from the shared mailbox on to Service Manager requests? The options is there but does not seem to function or setup. Cheers Martyn
  3. At the moment you can only 'Raise a Request' from the parent post in a workspace. Could this also be enabled against a comment on a post? Often the initial workspace post will not have sufficient details in it and it will not be until later in the conversation on the post that you want to raise the request using the text from the comment not the original post. No problem with link still being back to the whole post, but it would make it easier using the comment text. Cheers Martyn
  4. Related to our post below about deleting processed emails from our mailbox below in order to speed up mailbox operations, we have discovered that unlike Support Works where the emails related to a request being logged or updates from email get stored as attachments to the request itself (CFA attachment store I seem to remember) in Hornbill it is just a link to the original email in the mailbox store. Therefore when you clear down your deleted items (default) or your own specified folder, where the emails are put after being processed by Raise Request or Apply to Request, you will lose access from within the request timeline entry to the 'View Email' option. The 'View Email' option is still displayed on the timeline entry but you will get the Hornbill error below:- So if you want retain access to view the source email from within the timeline on a request you need to keep the emails in the mailbox itself, else This caught us out a bit as we have deleted a large volume of historic emails have which we have processed via Raise Request and Apply to Request, which we cleared down as performance within the mailbox itself was degrading. Cheers Martyn
  5. Along the same lines to the post below about the issues with searching/selecting customers with the same name or working for multiple organisations in the Progressive Capture, this also applies to when logging requests from email using the Raise Request, but the display of matched contacts is even more restrictive. We have a significant number of contacts which work for multiple external organisations, i.e. shared services etc, so when logging a new request from email we need be able to select the appropriate contact for the organisation they are logging the request against. However at the moment the display of matching contacts when you click on the Raise Request screen just shows the contact name only, where as in PC it will show the organisation. This issue also applies where a shared mailbox is used by a number of contacts at an organisation as well. Like in PC, the list is also limited to a fixed maximum of matches, which could do with being able to page through the results or make the maximum number of rows returned a configurable setting. If the organisation name can be included in the results list, this would address the primary issue. Further option would be to able to hover over the contact name and see a summary window, like when viewing a request list search result. At the moment we have to select one, check in it in the Progressive Capture, cancel it if it is the wrong one and then keep trying each of them in turn to locate the one for the correct organisation. Cheers Martyn
  6. When raising a request form an Email in the mailbox, you only have the option to Raise Request, rather than the request type specific options you have under the 'Raise New' option where you can select all request types, such as a change request etc. With the current option you only seem to be able to create a incident or a service request using the default progressive capture process or am I missing a step? If this is the case do you have any plans to add the similar option to selectively choose the type of request when logging a new one from email? Cheers Martyn
  7. When you update a request from an email you get the option to 'Edit Email Content' which will put into the timeline of the request being updated, however when you are Raise Request from an email you do not have the same facility and the summary/description is just defaulted to the textual content of the email. Would it be possible to have this facility added to the Raise Request option? Cheers Martyn
  8. When you choose to Raise Request from an coming email you immediately lose sight of the email and go straight in to the progressive capture process. Therefore you have to remember the content of the email when answering the questions in your progressive capture. I had thought of getting our 1st Tier to click on the link to Raise Request in a new window, but you cannot do this as it is a button and not a link. It would be useful if there was a way to be able to view the email when using the Raise Request function or have the ability for the Raise Request function to open in a new tab so you can easily switch between two. Cheers Martyn
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