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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Is there a way to resolve all linked requests when a project is closed? We see this working in a similar way to resolving a parent incident and all child incidents automatically resolving. Also, are there any plans to enable the linking of incidents, problems and known errors to projects at all? Thanks Lauren
  2. Hi We use project tasks heavily and have noticed that task properties display differently when opening them from My Activities: Whereas they appear as below from within the Project: Are there plans to make these appear as per the second screenshot when opening a task from My Activities? Thanks Lauren
  3. Hi, I have a few queries that have come about from our testing of Project Manager: 1. Is there a way to add a dependency, once a task has been created? It seems you can only add a dependency when you create a task. 2. Can you assign a task to more than one person? Virtually all of our tasks will have more than one person working on them. 3. Can you make a milestone depend on another milestone? Thanks Lauren
  4. When viewing tasks as project user, you have the ability to update the timeline as well as complete the task. If you view the same task in your My Activities list, you cannot update the timeline and when you complete the activity, the completion notes do not then show on the project task. The audit tab on the project task is also not updated. For us, this would mean all users would need a project user subscription just to update and complete tasks, which would be extremely costly. Is there any development work in place to address this, or can it be added to your list please.
  5. Hi We're trying to add a project resource to one of our projects. When clicking the button "Add a New Resource", nothing happens. Both the user listed as the "Project Manager" and I (we both have the highest permissions within Project Manager) are experiencing this. We've previously been able to add resources. Thanks Lauren
  6. Managing Projects - See how Hornbill can help you to resource, plan and execute on projects in a controlled and structured way With multiple projects, and scarce resources, Project Management teams need effective collaboration tools to coordinate work between different departments and individuals, to ensure that project deliverables can be met. Hornbill Project Manager brings your stakeholders together on a centralized, cloud-based collaborative work management platform, enabling them to share information, collaborate, and get work done faster. With Hornbill’s scalable, cloud native solution, project management and service desk capabilities are integrated, to ensure that projects and strategic business initiatives are executed successfully. Learn how to raise projects from Service Manager, use project templates, visualise progress and report on your project portfolio. Bring together scheduling, resources, project plans, milestones, tasks, costs, and much more to coordinate, collaborate, and manage your projects. Utilize configurable project templates to ensure consistency, ensure best practice, improve control, and enhance speed of execution. Join the webinar to find out more!
  7. Would it be possible to have the option to duplicate a task within a project. My PM's feedback to me that this would greatly increase the speed at which they can add tasks. Could this functionality be added? e.g. Sometimes you might have 3 similar tasks, but different assignees. Being able to make duplicates, and then simply change the assignee would be helpful Thanks Darren
  8. Hello In Project Manager, would it be possible to add a section for links, a bit like bookmarks. Our Project documentation managed in sharepoint, and it would be great to be able to add links to external locations within a project. If it was one of the options in the right hand panel by attachments for example, that would be ideal? If we could add default links to the project templates that would be good too. Thanks Darren
  9. Hi Would it be possible to have boards included as part of the project template? If this also linked to the task we created as part of the template then that would be good too. i.e. when creating the task in the template, we can also pick if it goes to the board plus lane assignment thanks
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