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Found 7 results

  1. When a contact makes a change to their profile on the customer portal, the Contact's Audit Trail is not updated, so the audit trail is incomplete. We discovered this when one of our customers updated the email address on their shared group account to be their individual email address. We have now replicated this and can confirm that profile changes made on the customer portal do not update the Audit Trail. Can this be looked at a matter of urgency. Thanks Martyn
  2. Related to my earlier post about the configuration of whether the customers can update their profile picture via the customer portal, we would also like the ability to specify which fields are displayed and also which fields are update-able by the customer.i.e. which ones are display only. Additional Fields to be configurable Job Title Alternate E-Mail Alternate Telephone Custom Fields ( the ones view-able on the Contact list screen) Cheers Martyn
  3. At the moment Contract types are limited to 2 levels of the profile codes. Can this be extended to allow further levels, as in organisations where we utilise the system across a number of service desks and divisions? Cheers Martyn
  4. With the increasing focus on complying with persons preferences regarding email and notifications, would it be possible to have a standard field added to the Contact (External Customer) and CoWorker (Internal Customer) for them to be able to specify there email/notifications preferences and be able to manage this setting themselves in the 'Profile' section of the Portal. If this can be set from a standard simple list with tick box type data type (probably best to have two separate lists for Contact and CoWorker), so that each of us can then customise the list to our appropriate audience. We can this field's value in the workflow to determine if automated email responses should be sent for this request. By having it manageable by the Contact/Coworker themselves in the portal means it is far easier for them to control to there current preference. Cheers Martyn
  5. With GDPR looming, we would like to restrict the ability of our external customers to upload an image in their profile. Is there a setting we can enable to disable this? Similarly we would want to display but disable the update of it profile image on the Service Portal, as this is populated by the LDAP Import Tool from AD. Cheers Martyn
  6. Hi, One of our analysts keeps getting the notification about automatic backups. He has selected 'Yes', 'No' and tried going into his profile to turn it off but there doesn't appear to be the option. (Also Computer is spelt incorrectly) Any ideas? He is getting rather frustrated. Looking, I don't have the option either...
  7. At the moment the Category/Profile field is somewhat out of the way within the details section of the requests. Would it be possible to have a separate action icon at the top of the request to both view and update the category/profile of the requests, as this is quite important for us that this kept up to date, so that trends can be more easily identified and reported on. Cheers Martyn
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