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Found 11 results

  1. We are about to embark on a course of action, but I wanted some clarity around what others so to get around the issue of linking incidents to problem requests. My current plan is to place a node in the problem bpm when raised to pass details of the PB number and the description to some code via the API to update a simple list called Problem Requests. This list is then going to be added to the Raise Request PCF so that when jobs are raised we can get our analysts to choose from the simple list the correct problem record to link the new incident too. Once the incident is then logged, I will then add a node which will pass (again via API call) the incident number of the new request and the problem number selected from the simple list and link the two via an API call. Obviously this is basically creating a mini knowledge management system for problem records but I wondered how others where approaching this issue and their working practices, as we have found the the Knowledge Centre in beta is not useful to for linking any requests. Also there is no functionality in the BPM designer to allow us to link requests even through we have two valid request numbers which would be 'relatively straight forward' (in my mind) to be able to do this as part of the BPM. Any help or insights gladly received.
  2. Hi, is anyone having issue with their instance? thanks
  3. At the moment it is not possible to implement different problem management, known error and release progressive captures on your instance as you are limited to a PCF specified in the settings, rather than being able to set this at a 'Service' level as these three request types have not have the catalog level items implemented in them. This makes it restrictive where we have multiple service desk implemented within the same instance, as well as not allowing for testing/development of new PCF in these area's without affecting the current live one. Cheers Martyn
  4. Hi, We are looking to vastly improve the use of Hornbil, and one of the ways we can do this is to introduce problem management, and making this visible to staff via the self service portal. We have neither in use at the moment, but have configured hornbill and think we are just about ready to launch a pilot. What I can not seem to do is find a way for the portal "Known Issues" section to provide a ink to the problem record, so staff can see the details of the investigation. I have tried to get the incident URL from the portal and replace the incident reference with the problem reference, but get a message saying the user does not have permissions. I am guessing its a permissions issue, but any advice on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated.,
  5. Hi It appears the "Change Customer" option is not available to Problems and Known Errors - is this correct? Nasim
  6. The currently supported Field Mapping's listed on the Wiki (https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mapping_Fields_from_Customised_Forms) are quite focused on the change and release request types. It would be really useful to have the following additions for the other request types. Generic/Incident Source Site Priority Resolution External Ref No Logging Category Resolution Category Problem Workaround Description Portal Description Known Error Root Cause Workaround Portal Description Cheers Martyn
  7. I've raised a 'problem', just using the default capture and bpm. I can log a call, and see it in the request list. However when I assign it to another team, I can no longer see it in the request list - even though I've used a sensible search: I have used the advanced search and used the variables 'Team' is 'Database Services', and 'RequestType' is 'Problem'. If I have the url I can paste it into my browser and still open and update the ticket. So its not access to the ticket in itself - it's viewing other team's Problem calls. What am I missing? Cheers, Claire
  8. Afternoon All, Apologies firstly if this has been asked before, I search but found nothing relevant. I'm wondering what ways people have found of surfacing workarounds to Service Desk analysts when they're logging Incidents. In an ideal world the analyst would provide a service, and SM would present the analyst with open PB and KE records associated to it automatically. Is this something anyone has any experience of?
  9. Morning all, We have just closed a PM with 30+ linked IR's but the Child tickets ( the IR's) remain open and have not been updated with the case notes we have got round the issue by closing down the cases collectively using the new resolve all in "Actions" I assume this is something i'm missing in the app settings that allows the PM to close all linked IR's
  10. Hi all, I was looking at some of our internal processes recently and was trying to find ways to improve and automate using Hornbill. I was very excited to see Entity -> Requests -> Log Request as this seemed to answer an issue we're having with linking our Major Incident and Problem Management processes but sadly, there is no log new problem task, only incident and Service Request. Is there any reason why problem and known errors were omitted? Are there any plans to introduce them? Thanks Chris
  11. Can you let me know if it will be possible to change the timeline to show red crosses and not just green ticks? For example, when a change is raised by my company and it does not succeed, i have added a section into the timeline to show change failed, but it makrs this with a green tick, whereas id like it to show a red cross so it shows the difference between acceptance and failure. I have attached an example
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