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Found 12 results

  1. Following discussion with Hornbill Support regarding issue with on hold duration and suspend await expiry nodes, it was confirmed that Service Manager BPM when using the 'Apply WTC' option to calculate on hold periods, does not use the actual 'Working Time Calendar' associated with the Service Level Agreement the request is assigned to. What it does do is use the Working Time Calendar specified in the Service Manager setting "guest.app.timer.defaultCalendar". As we operate services over multiple time zones with different operating hours, this means that this option is not usable in its current state. Can we request an enhancement for the 'Apply WTC' option to query the linked Service Level Agreement (SLA) on the request to obtain the linked Working Time Calendar (WTC) and use this in its calculation. If there is no linked SLA, then the WTC specified by the current default setting can be used as per the current behaviour. Cheers Martyn
  2. Hi All, I'm just testing a new BP and it keeps failing at the on hold node and I've tried a number of things including deleting and recreating it and it keeps failing. Can someone help please. This is the error : This is how the node is setup: I've not had an issue before but I have a few on hold nodes and it keeps failing at each one. (I've deleted each one to test the process and to see if it fails at the next on hold). Really confused - can anyone help please? Thanks Tina
  3. I know that this has been mentioned many times before, but I used the excel spreadsheet that was provided to work out the on-hold time for this node but it just passes through... is there some that I have missed? In the workflow, it assigned to an account, places on hold then updates the resolution text and emails the customer again (preferably after a year). But in the timeline is does it all at once and does not seem to notice the on-hold node. (timeline and workflow section below)
  4. Hello all, I've browsed through the community regarding various on hold requires in Hornbill Service Manager but I couldn't see anything raised for this particular topic. So I'll apologies in advance if this has been mentioned before and I've missed it. Occasionally there is a requirement to extend the request ticket on hold time, to a ticket that is already on hold. The only way to extend this at the moment, is to take the ticket off of hold and to then place on hold with a longer date. Has anybody been able to find a way to do this? I've also found that you can click on the on-hold time stamp, but it doesn't do anything, it would be nice if it were possible to amend the timings through this function. I presume this is due to limitation we have in the buttons in the attached screenshot, as there isn't an icon we can enable at the top of the request in the on hold state. Thanks in advance. Adam
  5. We have some users that have the ability when putting a call on hold the default visibility is Owner when we have set it to be team, no I'm not sure if we have a rogue setting somewhere (screenshots below). Also is there a way of turning off Owner visibility for on hold statuses?
  6. Also, we are finding that when putting requests on hold when you are choosing the time, you select the hours and then the drop down disappears and you then have to click back into it to choose the minutes. Can the picker be kept up until you have chosen the hour and minutes so when you click off it disappears?
  7. Good evening, Since one of the most recent updates, we have noticed that all of our calls where the priority has changed are breaching there origional priority even if on hold. Even calls assigned to priorities with no SLAs are now breaching. We are getting Breach emails aswell as the calls actually breaching. This is going to be a serious problem for our stats. The Below example is of a call that was logged as a R2 (with a SLA) but downgraded to a R99 (Outside SLA). It was downgraded a day before it breached. However it appears it still ran on the R2 timer and breached anyway... We have had quite a few of these happen over the last week Here is a snip of me downgrading the ticket to a R99 (a ticket ourside of SLA as it is a project) Here is it breaching resolution the day after and here is the breach email So clearly they are not downgrading in the background? Hayley.
  8. We have now rolled out the use of Sub Statuses on our services, but now have the transition period where we have global sub statuses applying to all requests, but a mixture of workflows, i.e. request logged prior to rolling this out still have workflow which are not sub status aware so only set the primary parent status values. This causes a problem as we have request being put On-Hold via the BPM, but have a sub-status of Pending, which is a sub status of Open not On-Hold. In order to then be able to 'resume' the request via the user app, we have change the sub status another sub-status value and then back to our standard Open Sub-Status of 'Pending'. Also the incorrect sub-status value causes confusion when being displayed in the Request List and in the Customer Portal. It would help with the transition if the BPM Status Update node had the ability to set a default 'On-Hold' and 'Open' sub-status when one is not specified in the BPM node. Cheers Martyn
  9. Hi...me again! Is there a way in the BPM to put a call on-hold UNTIL a particular date? I can see that there's an option to put it on hold for a particular amount of days/hours etc, but not an 'until' option. The reason for this is that we get our 'leavers' requests through email, which have a 'leaving date' written in to them. If I could get this date and put the call on hold UNTIL then, it would save having to keep checking to see if the call needs to be updated or not. thanks!
  10. Good morning, I was wondering if there is a option to supply a drop down box for the reasons when you put a call on hold? Many thanks Hayley.
  11. Hi, I had a request on hold and my customer used the portal to comment on something. However, I did not receive any notification OR my request list did not show me that the request had been updated since my last visit... Am I missing something? Is it normal? If so, is there a way to change that? I felt really stupid when the customer called me because I had not seen her comment... Thanks in advance for any help / feedback / clarification.
  12. Hi, My colleague has been looking at the mobile app and apparently he is unable to see his calls that are on-hold. Is there a reason for this? Many thanks Tina Forum Admin Edit: The issue was fixed in one of the earlier Service Manager builds. This thread is now locked.
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