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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, we currently have ServiceManager configured to use Outbound mail via a mailbox that in Exchange on-premise (Exchange 2010). We had to setup some firewall rules and some SMTP relay connectors to get this to work. We are planning to migrate the mailbox account to Office 365 (Exchange 2016 online) and would like to know if anyone has got this working and what configuration is needed. Not sure if a SMTP connector will need to be created with the Hornbill IP that emails will originate from? Would be much appreciated if someone could advise. Many thanks, Pete.
  2. Is there any way to force the Hornbill system to pull mail from the mailbox? We had an issue preventing the configured mailbox IMAP connection which has been resolved and the test shows success, but no mail is being pulled from mailbox to hornbill mailbox? Is there anywhere to see logs for mailbox activity?
  3. If I want to start using a different O365 mailbox with my shared mailbox, is it as simple as changing the default email addresses and the authentication on the IMAP4 service entry? Would that work and are there any other steps?
  4. Hi, Just realised that our outgoing mail to O365 from Service Manager is not going, and the test button confirms it. Outgoing via Hornbill was ok but that's not what we need. The config looks ok to me. Example errors attached, extract below: Unable to login to the SMTP server HornbillMailLog VerifySmtpLogin: DllDate: Mar 18 2019 .... ........ --sendCmdToSmtp readSmtpResponse: Failed to read beginning of SSL/TLS record. b: 0 dbSize: 0 nReadNBytes: 0 idleTimeoutMs: 30000 Failed to receive more TLS application data. tlsApp: Socket operation timeout. elapsedMs: Elapsed time: 30919 millisec idleTimeoutMs: 30000 --readSmtpResponse --auth_login Failed to login using LOGIN method --smtpAuthenticate --smtpAuthenticate --smtpConnectAndAuthenticate initSmtp: Socket operation timeout. Failed. --VerifySmtpLogin --ChilkatLog
  5. Hi all, been trawling these forums, the Wiki and online and haven't come across a solution the problem I'm currently stuck on. Hopefully a simple fix. Our company has moved from a shared email environment to our own. Both used Office 365. We moved our domain name with us. The email routing was fine before. I've created a new hornbill email account for us to use as routing but when I enter that account and password in the existing 'Outbound Mail Routing' page and test, it comes back with "SMTP; Client does not have permissions to send as this sender" Is there some additional config I need on the account to grant that permission needed? We only need outbound mails from Hornbill configuring.
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