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Found 11 results

  1. Would it be possible to have additional options added to the entity 'Timer' node to allow the manual pausing and unpausing of the Response and Resolution in the BPM, so that this can be controlled by workflow so having the option to control this outside of the automated status change process. Related to my earlier post link below. Cheers Martyn
  2. I have a Suspend node waiting for the connection to add an update via the portal, but although they are adding an update it isn't moving to the next node once the update is applied. I am having a brain blank and can't work out why....it will be something simple I know! Node setup
  3. We think this issue started after we updated to Service Manager 1667 on 10th September. When we go into our Business Processes to any Hornbill Automation node set up to do Requests > Get Request Information > (any option chosen), the Output Params / Context Reference section is not editable. See attached example on the BPM Data Proection Data Breach v3.0 If another Requests 'type' is chosen (e.g. Update Request) normal update options are available. Please advise what the issue is and how it can be resolved.
  4. Hi @Victor I seem to have the same thing as in this post I had a few issues after a node pinged off into infinity, past the point the scroll bar could get to (I think this was when expanding a group). I copied as much as I could and started a new BPM. For a while this did not save at all and so to retain my progress on it I saved the stage as a template. Since then I've managed somehow to get the BPM to save again but this last node is unreachable Can you work your magic or tell me what to delete out of the text file? - attached sits-project.bpm.txt
  5. We are having issues where users are deciding to put themselves 'on holiday' or another code, to stop themselves being assigned calls via the round robin feature. Is there a way we can take this ability away so only admin or managers can do it? Also is there a way to stop users from being able to reassign a call? As some people are just reassiging because they dont want to do the work. (even if there is a way to build in a node for a activity can go to a manger to approve reassigning) Hayley
  6. I have been having a issue with our change process for a few days, We havent changed anything on it to cause it so am a bit confiused by it. This is the error received, I believe its around these nodes that the issue is occuring: I have attached the change aswell, if anyone could take a look and let me know where i have gone wrong? Thanks Hayley.
  7. Hi All, I have a Change process and am looking to add an option to request authorisation from manager if so needed. I've added the Task, Branch and Authorisation Node. First I tried selecting my manager(as listed in my user account) as authoriser, that gave an error. Then to test I've just set myself as the authoriser. Each time when I choose Yes in the Approval Required' Task, I am greeted with the red box of doom showing the error as: The specified user 'undefined' does not exist I've searched these forum and tried to replicate the setups in the demo instance but am stuck. Any pointers would be great.
  8. Good Morning, It has been raised to me by every one of out teams have noticed that their calls are not closing after the standard 5 days. We applied a auto close node to the BPM when we started using hornbill - Daniel helped us build our BPM's I have checked both the Incident and Service Request BPM's and they both have the auto close node set up to close after 5 days. But as you can see below no calls have been closed since the very beginning. Are the Nodes set up incorrectly or is this a known error? Many thanks Hayley.
  9. Hello, I have a process for developers to follow when requesting elevated access, as part of this process it requires authorisation to which i have used the authorisation node, however today when a request was raised it was approved by an analyst (Graham) that was not in the authorises list within the process, can you confirm how this was possible and what i need to do to rectify this asap. Screenshot attached of users who can authorise this
  10. Hello, I have an idea that I would like to put forward to the development team for the Request List. "To have a listener node that listens for certain specified events at certain times in a workflow" This wouldn't just be for connections... There could be many other scenarios for this. Also this would work with both manually events and automated events, and can be set up multiple times to listen to different events throughout the BPM. Just a thought. Thanks, Samuel.
  11. Hello, i'm trying to use a branch to detect whether or not an answer is empty. The Custom Expression below doesn't progress properly if you press "Next" when leaving the question blank: The only way to get it working is if you click in the field, insert a space then delete it... when you press next it detects it to be empty and progresses to the next set of forms. Otherwise just pressing next without adding the space in the first place will send it through the "No Match" direction which is not what we want. Could we have the following conditions added to the Custom Expressions (which ignores any input from the user in the third field) Question Answer IS NULL Question Answer IS NOT NULL Thanks, Samuel
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