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Found 5 results

  1. At the moment you can only have one Request List 'Personal Dashboard' which you access via clicking on the icon to "Switch to My Dashboards", which then displays all views with a configured chart. When you have only a small number of charts configured this is not too bad, but once you have a growing number this can be quite cumbersome, slow to load and put unnecessary load on the instance. Can the system be enhanced to allow the creating multiple 'Personal Dashboards' and when setting up charts you tick which 'Personal Dashboards' the said chart will then display on, i.e. none, one or multiple. Then when you click on the button as is you see all as you do now, but if you click on the drop down you can select the 'Personal Dashboard' you want to view. This will mean the output is better formatted with only the charts you need for the actions you are currently taking, as well as reducing the unnecessary database load of querying every chart data source, therefore providing a faster response to the end user as well. Cheers Martyn
  2. When we have a customer name change, I need a way of bulk changing their tickets to the new name. At the moment I'm having to change them one by one - which is a pain. Is there a better way of doing this - ideally would want this done as a bulk action (eg. tick all the relevant tickets and change name once). Nasim
  3. Afternoon, If there any way that we can report on all teams that worked on a call, and at what point and team that the call breaches or completes within SLA? We have calls that are being passed to teams and then breaching within minutes because the previous team has "sat on" the call for a period of time before looking into it. This is also a issue in the sence that if one team has done a large piece of work at the beginning of the call, then passed it to another team to do a final piece of work. Only the 2nd team is getting the closure stats for that call. So we want a way to see every team that has been assigned to the call in the life of the call. Many thanks Hayley.
  4. At the moment in a Workspace Post, Question, Comment or Answer you can only paste in or attach a single image/file. Is there any plans to support multiple images/files? Cheers Martyn
  5. Is it possible to get the LDAP User Import tool to support multiple DSN entries so you an import in one iteration from a structured user directory were you have multiple containers within OU=Users? Alternatively is it possible to get the import tool to recursively search down from the specified DSN? At the moment we will have to create a conf.json configuration file for each leaf level user container within our structured User container. Cheers Martyn
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