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Found 9 results

  1. In some of our PCF's we require our customers to enter a change number (CHxxxxxx) that has been raised. We would like when they enter this number in the PCF and a job is created, that the BPM will link the 2 together. Is this possible?
  2. Related to our the posts about include additional fields in the Request Reference Hover Dialog, can we also request that the sub status is display next to the request's primary status in the Linked Requests section of the Request View. Cheers Martyn
  3. Can we request an enhancement to the 'Linked Request' BPM node, in that there is an option to limit which linked requests are updated by request type. In our scenario we are implementing Problem Management and will want to use the node to update/resolve the Incidents linked to the Problem request. However there may be other Problem, Release, Change, Known Errors etc linked to the same request which we would not want to update/resolve. Therefore can we ask for the filter option on both Update and Resolve Linked Requests so that it can be done by 'Request Type', i.e. we need to be a bit more precise in only updating the linked incidents and not everything else it may be related to. Cheers Martyn
  4. Hi We've received some feedback from our analysts that the "Resolve Linked Requests" drop-down on the "Resolve" tab isn't obvious enough, and I can't help but agree. We've unfortunately seen several critical incidents be resolved by analysts then child incidents remain open for some time, causing a breach. Obviously some of this can be avoided with training. When resolving a critical or high priority incident, it is likely that child incidents will be associated and therefore need resolving at the same time as the parent incident. Similar to the "Reopen" and "Edit" button, could an additional button be added that says "Resolve Linked Requests" (preferably next to "Close")? The reason we cannot use the "Resolve Linked Requests" node in the business process, is because often a parent incident will have a problem, known error or change request associated which we do not want resolving at the same time as the incident. Thanks Lauren
  5. Hi We'd like to be able to limit the requests that can be linked to other requests - when searching for problems or known errors to link to an incident, problems/known errors from all services are returned. We'd like to limit this so that only requests logged under the same service as the request you're linking from are returned. I know you can specify a service, but we'd like to reduce the risk of incidents being linked to the wrong problems. Is this possible? Lauren
  6. Hi, is there a way to automatically close linked requests when closing the master call? e.g. all the calls linked to a known error request are closed when closing the KE. Thanks Regards, Andy Hodkinson
  7. Hi, A couple of queries regarding linking requests via progressive captures: 1) Is there a way to link a request to another request via the progressive capture, without using the knowledge centre? As an example, if we know the reference of an open Critical priority incident, is there a way we can type in the reference of that incident and link it that way? I can't see that there is a way to make the knowledge centre only display incidents of a certain priority, or sub-status etc. 2) Is there a way to show a list of requests that meet certain criteria (e.g. Incidents with Critical priority and Parent sub-status) in the progressive capture at all? This will help analysts to link to current P1 incidents if they do not know the reference. Again, as I don't think we can filter the results in the knowledge centre, this would be a quicker and easier approach. Thanks Lauren Is there a way to make a list of incidents that meet certain criteria (e.g. Critical priority, Parent sub-status) appear in the progressive capture to lin
  8. I need some guidance here. Is there a way to raise a linked request from within the BPM. What I'm trying to achieve is this: There is a human task in the incident BPM "Development Needed" which, when completed with Yes, sends the relevant development information to Jira through the integration tool. Since I don't want to keep the incident open (SLA's) until the whatever version of the application the bug will be fixed in, I want to create a linked Change Request to which the development information is sent and then resolve the Incident. The change then automatically creates the Jira through Integration Bridge ad stays open for future communication with customer. That way the customer can see any updates and time is no longer a factor as well as the reuest list becomes less cluttered and processes are kept. Win, win for all. So is there a node for "raise new linked change"?
  9. It would be possible for the pop out window when hovering over the Linked Requests to include the Sub Status as well as the parent Status value? Cheers Martyn
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