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Found 13 results

  1. Atlassian have been changing there API to tighten up security and data protection, so when using the existing methods to 'Add Watcher' or specify the 'Reporter' on the 'Create Issue' you are no longer able to provide the clear text username or email address. Therefore can we request and additional method to allow us to obtain the accountID by passing in a textual username. The api allows multiple lookups, but we would just want to query singular at the moment as part of getting the Atlassian accountID of the current user in Hornbill. Cheers Martyn API details https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/rest/v2/api-group-users/#api-rest-api-2-user-bulk-migration-get Background on the changes https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/deprecation-notice-user-privacy-api-migration-guide/
  2. @Steve G Though iBridge logging was added to the ESPServer Log back in January 2019 (see linked post), I am struggling to get JIRA on premises working on our instance. I had asked Support for a copy of the iBridge logs as you had referenced these in a earlier post when we had issues to see if I could sort out what's going on. However I was told this is not possible as they are shared logs and I have to raise any questions on the forum. I suspect is something on our side but all I can find in the ESP Server Log is below, which does not appear to give any clue to the issue. It does not show the value we are passing or what the response is from the node/endpoint. ======== record data ======== 1: flowcode-cdfe35d9 2: 4 3: 2021-11-08 15:55:29 4: {"id":"BPM20211108000195","application":"com.hornbill.servicemanager","name":"jira-test","currentStage":"4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b","currentNode":"flowcode-cdfe35d9","suspended":true,"cancelled":false,"failureMessage":"","stages":{"4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b":{"number":0,"displayName":"Investigation","translatedDisplayName":[{"text":"Investigation","language":"en-GB","tooltip":""}],"status":"inProgress","items":{"4be938f6-40f3-3ba7-f102-473e8cc59c4c":{"displayName":"Investigation Started","translatedDisplayName":[{"text":"Investigation Started","language":"en-GB","tooltip":""}],"required":false,"state":true,"position":0},"871c9a1b-39e5-3afe-3b6d-d3e310c567eb":{"displayName":"Investigation Complete","translatedDisplayName":[{"text":"Investigation Complete","language":"en-GB","tooltip":""}],"required":false,"state":false,"position":1}}}},"TASKS":{"4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b":{"task-67b55159":{"type":"task","threshold":100,"tasks":[{"assignee":"martyn.houghton","weight":100,"grouping":"cf59570d-e9e3-4b91-8796-af25bc9debcc","request":{"result":{"@status":true,"params":{"taskId":"TSK20211108001468"}}},"response":{"result":{"@status":"ok","params":{"status":"complete","title":"JIRA Tasks","details":"Log new JIRA?","options":{"timeSpent":"true","enforceProgressForCompletion":"false","hideReason":"false","enforceTimeSpentForCompletion":"false"},"priority":"normal","appointment":"false","reference":"bpmTask","createdOn":"2021-11-08 15:55:01Z","createdBy":"SYS_BPM_MANAGER","timeSpent":"0","timeBillable":"false","progress":"100","assignedTo":"urn:sys:user:martyn.houghton","owner":"idoxsd","outcomes":"NewJIRA,LinkJIRA,UpdateTicket,NoJIRA","outcomeInfo":[{"outcome":"NewJIRA","displayName":{"text":"Log New JIRA","language":"en-GB"},"buttonColor":"success","requiresReason":"false","customFields":[{"id":"TicketTitle","label":{"text":"Ticket Title","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false"},{"id":"TicketDesc","label":{"text":"Ticket Description","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false"},{"id":"TicketProject","label":{"text":"Ticket Project","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false","dropdownSelectDynamic":{"dataProvider":"JIRA_Project_Key","dataProviderAppName":"com.hornbill.servicemanager","dataProviderSortBy":"itemName","dataProviderSortDir":"ascending","isStoredQueryProvider":"false"}},{"id":"TicketType","label":{"text":"Ticket Type","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false","dropdownSelectDynamic":{"dataProvider":"JIRA_TypeId_keys","dataProviderAppName":"com.hornbill.servicemanager","dataProviderSortBy":"itemName","dataProviderSortDir":"ascending","isStoredQueryProvider":"false"}},{"id":"TicketPriority","label":{"text":"Ticket Priority","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false","dropdownSelectDynamic":{"dataProvider":"JIRA_PriorityId_Keys","dataProviderAppName":"com.hornbill.servicemanager","dataProviderSortBy":"itemName","dataProviderSortDir":"ascending","isStoredQueryProvider":"false"}}]},{"outcome":"LinkJIRA","displayName":{"text":"Link Existing JIRA","language":"en-gb"},"buttonColor":"info","requiresReason":"false","customFields":{"id":"ExistingJIRAKey","label":{"text":"Existing JIRA Key","language":"en-GB"},"isSummary":"false","isMandatory":"true","isVisible":"true","isReadOnly":"false","showIfEmpty":"false"}},{"outcome":"UpdateTicket","displayName":{"text":"Update JIRA","language":"en-gb"},"buttonColor":"primary","requiresReason":"false","customFields":[{"id":"UpdateJIRAKey","label":{"text":"JIRA Key to add comment to","language":"en-GB"},"placeholderText":{"text":"JIRA Key of existing issue, you wish [TRUNCATED] 5: BPM20211108000195 2021-11-08 15:55:29Z [INFO]:[SQL]:[464] UPDATE h_bpm_instance SET h_current_node = ?, h_current_state = ?, h_last_updated = ?, h_state = ? WHERE h_id = ? [5402 us] 2021-11-08 15:55:29Z [INFO]:[SQL]:[464] INSERT INTO h_bpm_timeplan_events (h_instance_id, h_stage, h_time, h_event_type, h_time_plan, h_time_plan_slc) VALUES ('BPM20211108000195', '4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b', '2021-11-08 15:55:29', 'processPause', NULL, NULL) [2578 us] 2021-11-08 15:55:29Z [INFO]:[SQL]:[464] INSERT INTO h_bpm_instance_log (h_bpm_instance_id, h_timestamp, h_timepoint, h_host_proc_id, h_host, h_caller_transaction_id,h_transaction_id, h_caller, h_log) VALUES ('BPM20211108000195', '2021-11-08 15:55:29', 731841510147, 4088, 'mdh-p01-node3', '', 'a7f6951f91104133bd3e04e04591967c', 'task/taskComplete', ' 0.000008s [INFO] Workflow processing started, processId=BPM20211108000195 workflow=com.hornbill.servicemanager/jira-test (revision=9, type=businessProcess) 0.008831s [INFO] Process Execute startNode=0 reason=erResumeTask 0.009033s [INFO] Called by: task/taskComplete (host=mdh-p01-node3) 0.009035s [INFO] Transaction ID: a7f6951f91104133bd3e04e04591967c 0.039316s [INFO] Process Wakeup/Check event ''Raise JIRA'' (id=task-67b55159, type=HumanTask) 0.044826s [INFO] Execution session is ''U20211108156360745.240165'', user is ''martyn.houghton'' 0.044828s [INFO] Execution reason is ''erResumeTask'' 0.044844s [DEBUG] Max exec loop count is set to 1000 0.044847s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''task-67b55159'', suspended=''true'' 0.048563s [INFO] Task completed (stage-id=4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b, node-id=task-67b55159), Outcome is ''NewJIRA'' 0.048589s [INFO] Process Flow Transition from ''Raise JIRA'' (id=task-67b55159, type=HumanTask) to ''Decision'' (id=decision-5749bc9c, type=Decision) 0.053981s [INFO] Unsuspending process at node ''Decision'' (id=decision-5749bc9c) 0.062348s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''decision-5749bc9c'', suspended=''false'' 0.064699s [INFO] Decision ''Decision'' (id=decision-5749bc9c), evaluating 3 branch expressions 0.064712s [DEBUG] Evaluating expression: ''outcome== "NewJIRA"'' 0.064714s [INFO] Expression matched: [outcome== "NewJIRA"], forwarding to target node: integrationMethodCall-cff1f979 0.064724s [INFO] Process Flow Transition from ''Decision'' (id=decision-5749bc9c, type=Decision) to ''Create Issue'' (id=integrationMethodCall-cff1f979, type=Integration) 0.195775s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''integrationMethodCall-cff1f979'', suspended=''false'' 0.302914s [INFO] Suspending process at node ''Create Issue'' (id=integrationMethodCall-cff1f979) 0.619862s [INFO] Process Wakeup/Check event ''Create Issue'' (id=integrationMethodCall-cff1f979, type=Integration) 0.627111s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''integrationMethodCall-cff1f979'', suspended=''true'' 1.142854s [INFO] Unsuspending process at node ''Create Issue'' (id=integrationMethodCall-cff1f979) 1.142866s [INFO] Process Flow Transition from ''Create Issue'' (id=integrationMethodCall-cff1f979, type=Integration) to ''Decision'' (id=decision-8217329f, type=Decision) 1.156734s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''decision-8217329f'', suspended=''false'' 1.157086s [INFO] Decision ''Decision'' (id=decision-8217329f), evaluating 2 branch expressions 1.157090s [DEBUG] Evaluating expression: ''(global["integration"]["key"]!=undefined && global["integration"]["key"]!=null && global["integration"]["key"]!='''')'' 1.157092s [DEBUG] Evaluating expression: ''true'' 1.157094s [INFO] Expression matched: [true], forwarding to target node: flowcode-4ced9a01 1.157109s [INFO] Process Flow Transition from ''Decision'' (id=decision-8217329f, type=Decision) to ''Log Request Failed.'' (id=flowcode-4ced9a01, type=HornbillAutomatiomn) 1.169340s [INFO] Execution Step: currentStage=''4a2e5015-4bf4-bc96-b090-1a35b65c323b'', currentNode=''flowcode-4ced9a01'', suspended=''false'' 1.169350s [INFO] Unsuspending process at node ''Log Request Failed.'' (id=flowcode-4ced9a01) 1.595746s [INFO] Unsuspending process at node ''Log Request Failed.'' (id=flowcode-4ced9a01) 1.595767s [INF[TRUNCATED] Can you advise how we should diagnose issues like this? Cheers Martyn
  3. Can I request an enhancement to the extend the JIRA iBridge integration to be able to trigger an 'transition' as it is called by Atlassian. In our case we are wishing to trigger the re-opening transistion from Hornbill. https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Answers-Developer-Questions/Can-anyone-let-me-know-if-I-can-re-open-an-incident-using-JIRA/qaq-p/533765 Cheers Martyn
  4. Extended the current JIRA Cloud and On-Premise iBridge integration methods for Create and Update to allow access to the standard field 'versions' which is a multiselect array type. Not able to populate or update this using the custom field array type option. As this is very often a mandatory field in JIRA as it is used for development/release management, we are not able to raise requests where this is the case. Cheers Martyn
  5. As per previous post (link at bottom) this is an enhancement requests for the addition of an option for 'SelectList' along with the current 'Text' and 'Number' options in the JIRA Create and Update Issues methods, so that the api call format below can be used. https://developer.atlassian.com/server/jira/platform/jira-rest-api-examples/#creating-an-issue-examples Cheers Martyn
  6. @Steve G I am able to to successfully use the JIRA -> Create Issue Method to create issues in our cloud based JIRA instance where the form does not contain any mandatory fields of type 'Option' or 'Multi Select Array'. I am trying to implement logging of 'Support Item' issue type in our JIRA instance from Service Manager. The create issue form has both a mandatory 'Customer' field with prescribed options and a multi select field for versions. I have tried populating both but the JIRA Create Issue method fails. As there is no error logged I cannot determine whether it is failing on both or just one of them, as both are mandatory. How can I diagnose this further? Cheers Martyn
  7. @Steve G Would it be possible to form the JIRA 'Comment Issue' to return a status parameter similar to the 'Update Issue' so we can then branch in the workflow based on the outcome. We are to get around the absence of this on the 'Create Issue' node as we can check if the 'key' parameter is set as a means to determine if the integration step was successful. Cheers Martyn
  8. @Steve G Could the current 'Create Issue' node be updated to allow the passing of 'Labels' when creating an issue. The current 'Desk' implementation I am trying to replicate as part of moving a new part of the business over to Hornbill inserts the hyperlink back to the original 'Desk' case in as a label in creation of the case in JIRA. Cheers Martyn
  9. I am now looking to integrate to a JIRA Cloud instance as well as on premises, but have struck a problem with creating a test request as the integration process is failing, but the error in the logs is not given any indication of the why. I can create a request manually using the same credentials with only specifying the Summary, Description and Priority. I suspect the issue is the priority value but cannot be sure as there is not detailed error/response information being provided. Is there any additional logging we can check to help diagnose where it is failing? Cheers Martyn
  10. Integration bridge now throws an exception when creating Jira tickets from Hornbill integration Bridge. iBridge Method: /Atlassian/Jira Cloud/Create Issue.m Error: Jira Error: summary: Field 'summary' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown. description: Field 'description' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.... It has come suddenly, first seen today and has worked flawlessly for a quite a while. Have Atlassian changed the API so iBridge is no longer usable or is error within Business Process?
  11. Hi Just calling on the collected expertize of the community to help me get Atlassian Integration working. What i'm trying to do is use the Business Process and integration bridge to create a form/template that contains information that will be pushed to Jira. Something like this. Hornbill Request ID: (Taken from Flowcode variable) Steps to reproduce: (Here the Analyst fills in the steps necessary) Expected Result: (Here the Analyst fills in the info) Actual Result: (Here the Analyst fills in the info) The contents of the form would then be added to the Description Field in the Integration Parameters (see attached screenshot) First I just used the Description Flowcode Information but R&D blocked it since the quality of the created Jira was too low and they wanted something along the lines above. Any help is appreciated.
  12. We have an on-prem Atlassian JIRA installation which is externally facing over https:. The current iBridge JIRA integration is based on Atlassian hosted service where you only specify the domain within their hosted environment, whereas we would want to later the endpoint to point URL as a whole to point to our on-prem installation. Would it be possible to re-use the current JIRA integration but make it use a on-prem set of endpoints? Cheers Martyn
  13. I need some help connecting guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.integration.jira.issueType and guest.ui.app.com.hornbill.servicemanager.integration.jira.projectName to a change ticket since these will be chosen when creating the Jira from within Hornbill. My question is: How do I add this information to the business process since it's dynamic.
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