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Found 6 results

  1. At the moment you can 'Create a New Contact' using the iBridge Hornbill>Collaboration methods, but could the option to Update Contact be added and include the ability to update custom fields as well as the standard ones? We are looking at creating a Service to allow our external customers to update both their profile and communication preferences (held as custom fields) using a Service Request workflow, as part of recording/audting the personal information we hold for GDPR. Cheers Martyn
  2. Hi all, We want to be able to post messages to our Microsoft Teams channels from within our BPMs and when setting up the Microsoft Key in the Keysafe, we are running into a 'security issue'. The first part of creating the key goes swimmingly, the issue comes when then clicking on the 'Connect' button. It correctly pops up the Microsoft window prompting for a user to login with. The issue is with the fact that the account that needs to login, needs 'Microsoft Admin level permissions' in order to proceed so that we can review the option we are authorising the Hornbill App to be allowed to perform. We do not feel like we should (nor do we want to) configure the Service Account (using a 'Service Account' as this is better for security) with Microsoft 'Admin' level permissions just to be able to post to a Teams channel. What permissions does the 'Service Account' need to allow this functionality to work, but still following the least privilege security principle? I don't know if this is one for you to answer @Steve G? At Insights19 you seemed to be the man that I'm sure would know the answers when it came to questions on integrations. Cheers Steve.
  3. As identified by @TrevorKillick in the investigation of the post below, there is no logging of iBridge integration events which make it very hard for us as administrator to diagnose issues. Can a new log file option be created for this or a setting which allows it to be turned on so it is recorded in the main Server Log please. Cheers Martyn
  4. In order to allow access to another one of our on premise JIRA installations via the Hornbill iBridge integration component, we need to know the source ip address/range for the incoming connection from our instance,Can you also confirm whether we need to add any additional address/range to cope with our instance being moved to a secondary data centre due to maintenance/outages. Cheers Martyn
  5. Morning, Is there a way to intergrate hornbill logged tickets into Service now? One of our external suppliers uses service now and we would like to make it so we can raise a ticket through HB into Service now? Many thanks Hayley.
  6. We have an on-prem Atlassian JIRA installation which is externally facing over https:. The current iBridge JIRA integration is based on Atlassian hosted service where you only specify the domain within their hosted environment, whereas we would want to later the endpoint to point URL as a whole to point to our on-prem installation. Would it be possible to re-use the current JIRA integration but make it use a on-prem set of endpoints? Cheers Martyn
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