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Found 8 results

  1. Following the addition of being able to publish documents linked to services on the portals, which is a big step forward in us being able to regain the ability to publish a knowledge base on the portals, can we request some enhancements to make it more manageable and easier to use for the consumer, especially when a large volume of documents are linked. Documents to be grouped under the source Library, and initial display is Library headings, with the option to expand to list documents in said Library. Ability to control the order of the Libraries and the documents in the Service setup screen. Just to give you an example of the volume and structure we are trying to make usable in the Service Manager, please see below. At the moment the only way to change the order is to unlink the documents and then link them again in the order you want, but there is no grouping, so will just be one long list. Cheers Martyn
  2. There appears to be a bug when sharing Document Libraries via a Group compared to individually. If you share the library via a Group with the 'Can Edit' option you get visibility of the library but not the ability to edit the library as the permission suggests. When you are added as a specific user with the exact same rights it works correctly. Can this be addressed as the whole point of using the Group option is to make it easier to manage permissions on a large volume of libraries. Cheers Martyn
  3. At the moment when adding a document you can only share to People (aka Co-Workers). When dealing with large volumes of documents it is much easier to administer if permissions can be assigned by Group and Roles. This would also mirror the available options in Document Libraries. Cheers Martyn
  4. When creating a new workspace and attempting to use the 'Group' option to Add members the search is not working properly. It seems to be filtering out certain organisational groups and/or does not like group names containing spaces. For Exmaple. Organisations entities. Also the list is limited to the first ten matches as well so if I try to use the code value. In our case I am wanting to select the parent team Service Desk as this has all our analyst assigned to it. Cheers Martyn
  5. At the moment Notifications are shown with the latest ones at the top. It would be useful to be able to sort them in reverse order as well. Also, it would be good to display/group related notifications for the same request or workspace, make it easier to manage large number of notifications. Good for when you come back from leave to a big number of them! Cheers Martyn
  6. Hi, We're relatively new to the Hornbill platform - we've just finished our 30 Day Switch On and now we're configuring and testing for go-live. The Forums are a great resource to get information about the products but perhaps some of us could meet up - informally of course - to share best practices and to pick up tips and tricks that others have gained from experience. If Hornbill wanted to get involved too, then perhaps an afternoon's agenda could look like this: Overview of upcoming features - Hornbill Open topic Lean Coffee meeting (http://leancoffee.org/) - All Demonstrations - a couple of willing volunteers share some neat tricks they've incorporated into their business processes. How about it? David
  7. Hello, I would like to request the ability to be able to define groups in the Progressive Capture and Business Process Management area. A bit like the "Views" in the "Request List" I would like to be able to define groups based on my criteria, and to have the ability to share it to other administration users. Samuel
  8. Hello, We have an IMT group which contains no users, but whenever we try to delete it we get the following message: Can someone assist? Thanks, Samuel
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