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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I would like to request an additional form to allow users on the Self Service Portal as well as Service Desk users to be able to add connections via the progressive capture. This would make it easier to send emails after a call is logged based on who is in the connections list and/or what type of connection it is from within the BPM area. Thanks, Samuel.
  2. I like the idea and premise of the favorite services etc, but to extend this I wondered if it would be possible to favorite a form/PCF as this is more relevant than the Service in our portal. We have a lot of Services that people use but just 1 form out of several within these, so this would be a great help for people to able to find the forms they use the most quickly. Maybe an extension of the favorite services widget where you can choose if you display the favorite Service or CI?
  3. Please can we get some advice on this as we have some new processes that we would like to open up for people outside of our University to complete form in our portal. However, this is not something that we have done before and we are wondering what is involved and if there is any documentation on how you allow this, we currently use SSO to login into our portal and I guess that we would need some config changes to allow this? Also once this happens how to make certain forms only available to this subset of users?
  4. We have found that when limiting a self service form to individuals, you can send this link to others who are not on the list and they can see this form and submit the form. The only difference is that if the person is not on the list then when it logs a request it 'breaks' and does not assign to a team and does not pick up a BPM. This seems to me that this is a bug as the person should not be able to see the form let alone submit it if they are not subscribed too it.
  5. When using the ADD CONTACT button from organisations view it brings up a form in-place, but with less fields compared to the full form here: If you need to enter additional data, there is a button MORE... to bring up the full form. The fields you entered into the shortened form are transferred over. When you're done entering, there is a button ADD, which creates the contact on click. The long form disappears as expected, but the brief form still shows with the data you entered originally. I expect this form to be cleared in the moment I create the contact, so that I can enter another contact without manually overwriting or deleting the content I entered earlier.
  6. Hello, We are currently having an issue with one of our forms. When a customer attempts to fill in the form to request a new starter they cannot select a date out of the calendar pop-up other than the date on which they are filling in the form. Every other date is greyed out and the cursor becomes a crossed out red circle. Please help!
  7. Hello, We just went live today with our demo site and we have an issue with custom form fields not updating the label name, we are able to confirm in the Hornbill test site that we can change the label name and it reflects it in the progressive capture. Below is a screen capture showing the label being test3 the immediate following image is a newly opened and logged in browser navigating through the progressive capture, as seen in the second screen shot it still shows the generic label information. As a side note we can update the Description of the field without any issue. Any ideas? am I missing something? Thanks!
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