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Found 6 results

  1. I am trying to locate the 'Description' field on the Known Errors Publish to Portals action. I have located the Workaround field as 'h_steps_to_resolve' in h_itsm_knownerrors, but checking the table in Database View does not show the 'description' field. I know this is separate to the main request description field as it has different content. Can some one confirm the table, field name and maximum size applied when populating via the GUI? Cheers Martyn
  2. Linked to our earlier posts we would like to request additional 'Data Query' options for use in both current Progressive Capture forms and hopefully in BPM Human Task fields. Organisations (already requested by @Paul Alexander) Service Name (Service ID Raw) - filtered by subscriptions of current user/contact context. Service Calalog Name (Catalog ID Raw) - filtered by subscriptions of current user/contact context. Service Calalog Name (Catalog ID Raw) - filtered by suppling a Service ID. We are trying to implement with the BPM the process to update the service and catalog of an existing request, but the current limitations of using a hard code list or simple list in the real work Service Catalog is not practical to implement. Being able to used dynamic 'Data Query' sources would allow the BPM to be configured to present a list based on the context. Cheers Martyn
  3. When using the Preview UI and viewing a Organisation record the custom field labels are duplicated when there is no value in the field itself. Cheers Martyn
  4. Is there a logical limit applied to the number of 'Form Fields' which can be added to a custom form in the progressive capture? We are looking are replacing a large number of branched progressive captures with conditional fields on a common custom form, but wanted to know if we are going to hit a limit? Cheers Martyn
  5. Hey All, Quick Question, We have a field in our Progressive capture with H_Summary as a field ID in it, to pull information into our summary on the request list page. I have made it a Single line text field but people are putting too much information into the field which is stopping it from pulling the information up to the summary. If their a code we can put in the Regex Field to control the amount of characters that can be put in? Like when you can specify it to only have numbers input? Like above? Many Thanks Hayley.
  6. Afternoon, I am running a report that has the Call Description field in it, When I run the report out to a CSV File The description field doesn't populate the full information, it only shows a small part, however in the data preview section when creating the report it shows the whole description? please see screen shots, is this a bug?
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