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Found 9 results

  1. Is there any way to set an expiry period for a duration of 30 seconds? Im trying to find a workaround in a BPM whereby an analyst has a window of 30 seconds to add an asset to the call and putting decimals in the minute field doesn't seem to do the trick. Ideally I would like a function that suspends the flow until the analyst adds an asset, marking off a stage checkpoint in the process. At present there is no function I can find that will automatically continue a workflow after an asset has been added by the analyst and mark a stage checkpoint, in the same way as if you suspend a no
  2. When creating an API key with an expiry you select a date, for example the 23rd June 2019, but the expiry date gets set to the previous day at 01:00hrs. I suspect there may be a bug with the timezone calculation, as you would expect the expiry to be 00:00hrs on the 23/06/2019 or even 23:59hrs on the 23/06/2019. Can this be looked at please. Cheers Martyn
  3. In our Incident process we have automatic assignemt to a team and then a "Suspend, wait for request owner" node where the analyst in charge of the "Inbox" manually assigns tickets to an analyst depending on product and availability. Is there a way to set a timer on the suspend node so that if a request has not been assigned to an owner for a set period of time, a manager is notified?
  4. Related to my post below, it would be useful to be able to specify a specific time as a well as date for the expiry of an API Key. Cheers Martyn
  5. Hi, After been running live now for a couple of weeks I have noticed that we have an awful lot of requests still sat in a 'Resolved' state despite them being resolved for more than 5 days. In our BPMs we have the following logic... The logic in the 'Suspend wait for status change node' is as follows... Should I have a 'Get Request Information - Request Details' node between the 'Suspend' node and the 'Decision' node? The logic on the 'north-bound' arm of the 'Decision' node is... The build of this part of the BPM was lifted directly from a sample
  6. Hello, Currently having an issue with the lifespan setting discontinuing the custom field 21 variable in the expiry field. This seems to accept the setting when saving, but every time it is saved and you re enter the BPM the setting appears blank. I am using the global input for custom field 21 rather than the specific form field, as there are different form routes from the pro cap that use this field and converge on this point of the human task. I believe the fact it is not retaining the information is why the process in practice is not working, as the human task does not expire b
  7. Can you advise on how long the automated links sent via the Customer Portal 'Forgotten Password' automate process are valid for? Most systems apply an expiry period on this type of links to stop interception/man in the middle attacks. Cheers Martyn
  8. When configuring SLA response and resolution targets and expiry times on certain BP nodes you might find the target being set differently than possibly expected. This is because a common oversight as these timers needs to be expressed in SLC (Service Level Calendar) times or working hours or business hours (which are usually X hours/day) rather than calendar time (which is 24 hrs/day). When configuring a target time of N days, the value needed to be set would be N working days rather than N calendar days. The value that needs to be set will be obtained by multiplying N with the number of
  9. Though most of our workspace posts we would want to retain, there are some that are only useful at the and are no need to be retained in the long term. For example posts advising the team of rota changes, people of sick, people on site this week etc, do not need to be retained. Therefore it would be useful to have the ability to set an expiry date and time on an individual post, which would mean that it is deleted automatically once the specified period has passed. Cheers Martyn
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