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Found 5 results

  1. Our Employee Portal launch has gone down very well (yes we were a bit late joining the party ) but a couple of feature requests. 1) The new option of extracting all requests into a spreadsheet is a nice inclusion. What would be helpful is to add which Team/Officer has the call and from what date is was assigned. 2) When you have a lots of calls as I do. It not helpful to include Resolved calls within the results with Active calls. My I suggest that the following be adopted Active Resolved Closed Or, if this is not possible, I suggest Resolved calls are loaded within the results of Closed calls. As effectively for most people that what they are.
  2. Hi, With more and more teams using SM and PM it would be of great use to be able to create calendars. This way we could have a change calendar, project calendar, business calendar and provide access only to those that need it. Everyone adding there own changes to the only change calendar (we have 1 central and 4 satellite change teams and that is only including the change teams from one business) means it soon becomes a total nightmare to read. Plus the ability to be able to add projects and programmes to calendars would make life a lot easier for planning. I get that some people would prefer everything on the same calendar (maybe keep a central calendar that is an amalgamation of all calendars) but that isn't how we work and ideally we would need one per change team plus at least one for the projects team. As well as other IT teams who would more than likely love the extra functionality.
  3. Hi, Can we have the ability to set an auto save timer on both PC and BPMs please? And also to utilise the browser function to confirm you want to leave the page. So many times I have been working on something and click back on my mouse by accident/have someone showing me something and just left click a bookmark rather than middle click/had the browser crash/random error/network issue and ended up losing a load of config. I do try to save little and often but sometimes when I am 'in the zone' I forget or I get caught up in something else and forget. Today losing about 40 minutes of work due to a browser issue and being 'in the zone' was the last straw I cant even remember all the changes I had made so no doubt this new iteration will be unique again. I know that some of these issues are self inflicted but auto save/browser confirmation would stop me throwing my laptop out of a window as least (maybe)....
  4. Hi, Would it be possible to add version comparison functionality. We are looking at adding quite a lot of documentation for a couple of our business units into a knowledge base and one of the sticking points was our current software allows a comparison to visualise the differences between versions. Like so: This allows us to compare any version of a document and will allow us to map document changes to change requests etc. Thanks, Dan
  5. When using the ADD CONTACT button from organisations view it brings up a form in-place, but with less fields compared to the full form here: If you need to enter additional data, there is a button MORE... to bring up the full form. The fields you entered into the shortened form are transferred over. When you're done entering, there is a button ADD, which creates the contact on click. The long form disappears as expected, but the brief form still shows with the data you entered originally. I expect this form to be cleared in the moment I create the contact, so that I can enter another contact without manually overwriting or deleting the content I entered earlier.
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