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Found 8 results

  1. Following the addition of being able to publish documents linked to services on the portals, which is a big step forward in us being able to regain the ability to publish a knowledge base on the portals, can we request some enhancements to make it more manageable and easier to use for the consumer, especially when a large volume of documents are linked. Documents to be grouped under the source Library, and initial display is Library headings, with the option to expand to list documents in said Library. Ability to control the order of the Libraries and the documents in the Service setup screen. Just to give you an example of the volume and structure we are trying to make usable in the Service Manager, please see below. At the moment the only way to change the order is to unlink the documents and then link them again in the order you want, but there is no grouping, so will just be one long list. Cheers Martyn
  2. I love the new Service Manager predefined reports however, when I export pie chart reports on a schedule to the document manager there percentages of each slice are not on the PDF like they are when you view in the web front-end clicking on each slice. Can these be rendered on to the exports so we don't need to calculate the percentages when viewing in the document manager via mobile app on the go? I have attached an example, having a total count at the bottom of the source type table would also be useful. Open Requests By Source - Since Go-Live.pdf
  3. If my knowledge articles are in Document Manager, how can I provide the information to Basic subscribers through the Service Portal?
  4. I thought that DocManager roles were nested to the highest access so that you only needed 1 role?.. but when I took away DocManager Library and left just DocManager User, my users say they get an error editing their documents so I had to add DocManager Library back. Do users need multiple roles?
  5. Would it be possible to add to the Document Manager iBridge integration the ability to add and remove permissions (share) to a document/library, so that this could be done through the BPM? Cheers Martyn
  6. I am trying to establish the permission setup in Document Manager. Looking in the roles there is 'Docmanager Admin', but the description appears to relate more to a User level role, rather than an 'Admin' level role. Is it just the name convention that all users of Document Manager will need Docmanager Admin role in order to create and update document/libaries, or is this actually an 'Admin' level role that also give further administrator/super user permissions within the Document Manager Application? The reason for asking this is I have users trying to create documents and they are getting the error below. Before I start down the road of creating a custom role, I just wanted to confirm the context of the standard built in role. Thanks Martyn
  7. Hi guys, We are testing the document manager app to see if it would work for a Knowledge Base repository. So far, it looks promising but one key thing is still bugging me: the view of documents (HTML pages). Indeed, I personally think there is room for improvement here. Let me show you what I am talking about here: As you can see from the screenshot above, there is a lot of space "wasted" on either side of the document. Also, images within the document are not fully optimized in the sense that we sometimes need to resize the image to make it fit with the text / document. Finally, when printing, images are very blurred: I don't know how much can be done about this or if you have things already in development but here are a few ideas on how to improve user experience, in my humble opinion: You could add a button "View full screen" next to "Details" and "Print" buttons which would hide the bar & title at the top and use 100% of the screen width (as an overlay possibly) When the user clicks on an image, display the image in full size in a "viewer" just like you have on timelines, workspaces, etc. For the print feature, I am not quite sure what can be done... Maybe something like on this forum where you upload an image and then add it to the content. So that when you generate the PDF, you have the source image and therefore a much better DPI? These are just ideas and I am obviously open to suggestions or comments Just trying to make this component as user friendly as possible.
  8. Hello Is there a way of'bulk uploading' FAQ's? We currently have a whole list of text-based FAQ's which, rather than create individually, we'd like to upload to a library en-masse. As they're text-only at the moment we have them in an excel list, so we're looking to get the 'bare bones' uploaded, and then, when we have time, go through them individually to make them look better. thanks Paul
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