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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I have had a number of reports from users that when they open a request or incident from the request list the details no longer automatically expand. Is this a design choice or a bug in the design? It would be ideal if we had the option to allow the details to automatically expand. I've double checked on my machine in incognito mode and confirmed what my users are reporting. Many thanks
  2. Can the Request > Update Request > Details node be extended to allow the setting of the language when using the node to update the Summary and Details, as at the moment it will just use the default. This is so we can we can reset the language setting for the for the main summary and details fields in the BPM taking into account the contact/customers default language when it is logged via a routing rule, as the latter does not honour it (see link below). Cheers Martyn
  3. We have a number of services where we have prescriptive progressive capture forms which capture the required information and then we use the Update Request > Details node to insert these with a template into the standard Summary and Description field in a standard format. When this the node is called in the BPM to do this, a refresh to the values displayed on the Portal is not triggered, so the Summary and Description fields are empty until the customer manually refreshes or an other event triggers the refresh of the request. Can the node trigger a refresh of any sessions with the request open? Cheers Martyn
  4. Hi We've utilised "relatedEntityData.record.h_custom_l" in our incident details form as a way of identifying whether an incident has warranted a call-out of an IT engineer or not: It shows as a simple check-box for the IT engineer to check if they've been called out by the business. I need to be able to report on this, but cannot locate the table in which the custom fields available in the "Details" form are stored. Are you able to help, please? Thanks Lauren
  5. Hi I am trying to hide some of the fields within the details section of the release record. I am un-selelcting the eye and then saving the changes but this is not working. Please can you help me. Sonali
  6. Hi This morning we're having problems viewing the detail section of calls when using IE It's working fine in Firefox though and apparently it was on yesterday (Sunday) We're on the latest release of Hornbill Service Manager but I think I updated before Sunday thanks, Pete
  7. Hello, I would like have an Automated Task to automatically add of information to the Call Details - Description area using Flowcode from a custom form, but no matter how I do it, the formatting can be quite hard to read. Is it currently at all possible to add line breaks and indentation in? The following users &[global["flowcode"]["answer1"]] requires access to Application Name for the following modules: &[global["flowcode"]["answer2"]] But would preferably like to view it like so: The following users: &[global["flowcode"]["answer1"]] Require access to Application Name for the following Modules: &[global["flowcode"]["answer2"]] ["answer1"] and ["answer2"] could be very long depending on the inputted text. Its a shame that the description field in the Automated Task is only a single liner with no formatting possible, even though its multi-line and can be formatted from within a call. Thanks, Samuel
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