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  1. Good afternoon, I have just noticed that the Created Linked Requests process via the BPM are updating the timeline out of sequence. You can't link a request to the main ticket, before it's been created... For us, our timelines show updates Newest updates at the top to Oldest at the bottom. It seems minor but did cause a bit of confusion, but please could the Create Linked request process correctly update the timeline in the right order, so at the bottom (or first) update the timeline to show the Linked Request is created, then at the top (or second) update the timeline to show that the two tickets have been linked together. Of course, if the users have their timeline in reverse order, then the same principle needs to apply for that ordering. Thanks, Samuel
  2. Good afternoon, As part of the Leaver process we need to have all the Leaver's Assets added to the ticket. There is a process for this but it appears to be broken. I am using a Variable under User ID and I can confirm that the source (leaverDetails which is the Application -> Users -> Get User Details) works to pull the Leaver's Details as this information is used to populate the Custom Field, but when the BPM gets to this part of the process, it adds my own Assets (as the person who is logging this test ticket) instead of the Leavers that I select, despite me specifying the User ID in this process. Please can someone have a look at this as it will be a critical part of the Leaver and something the Service have been wanting to happen for a while. Thanks, Samuel
  3. Good afternoon, I have created some new FAQ's this afternoon, but they are not appearing when I carry out a search in all search widgets in the Employee Portal. No new FAQ's have been added recently so I don't know when this issue started, but the existing ones all show when searching, even those in the same Service as the ones I created today. I can view the new FAQs within the Service itself or if I create a direct link to it (that was tricky as heck, but I managed it), but they are simply not appearing in the search using the any of the words in the title. Please can someone advise? Is this something to do with indexing? maybe it isn't adding FAQ's the search index when they are created and published, or maybe this doesn't take place straight away? (well, so far, it's been 15 minutes and still nothing). Just to reiterate: Yes, the FAQ is published Other FAQs in the Service are visible in the search, not the new ones I can access the FAQ's when viewing the Service directly, and so can others. I can get to the new FAQ's using a direct link, and so can others. Thanks, Samuel
  4. Good afternoon, I have created some new FAQs today, and have some links in them, to specifically open in a new page/popup, but none of this is working. Links in the FAQ's takes me straight to the destination in the same window, which is not what we want. I checked the F12 tools for the link on FAQ in the Employee Portal, and it hasn't included the target="_blank" attribute... it's just a simple anchor that has a destination link. Please can someone advise? Thanks, Samuel
  5. Good morning, As the subject says - the option to update Email Templates related to Document Manager (for Lifecycle processes) is missing. Thankfully I can create new templates using this direct URL: https://live.hornbill.com/<INSTANCE NAME>/admin/platform/email/templates/com.hornbill.docmanager/Document/create/ But I cannot view any email templates for com.hornbill.docmanager at all. Please can this be looked at as a matter of importance. Thanks, Samuel
  6. Good afternoon, Just reporting that the ability to assign a Role or a Group to timesheet Categories does not work at all: It works fine if you select User though Thanks, Samuel
  7. Good evening, When changing an image in the Image Library, I can see the new version of the image I uploaded. When navigating away or hard-refreshing, the old image comes back. If I try to re-upload the new version of the image, I get an error message. Despite hard refreshing and logging in and out, the old image remains even though the new version has been uploaded. In places where I have linked that particular image record, the old image still remains. Here is an old image Here is after I clicked Change Image and uploaded the new version, as you can see the corrections to the typos from the previous image were added: I then check the Portal form, and I can see that the old image is still visible on the Employee Portal, even after I have done a hard refresh: I go back in, and hard-refresh the image library and even tried logging out and back in, but the old image is showing instead of the new version: I go back in and click Change Image again, select the new version and press Save, but I now get this error message instead:
  8. There appears to be an issue with paging through Known Issues on the Customer Portal. I have replicated it on both Chrome and Edge, so appears to be a potential bug. There is no apparrent error in the dev console but the page does not update whatever page you select at the bottom. Cheers Martyn https://success.hornbill.com/hornbill/servicemanager/service/21/known-issues/
  9. We have identified an issue where time spent entered on Service Manager actions on the Request View are not recorded in the timesheet manager, if the tab/session has been inactive for over approximately 30 mins. The action itself, such as update, resolve etc, is recorded on the request as normal but the call to append the time record to the timesheet application does not occur. This will continue to be the case until to force a refresh of the session using the CTRL-F5, after which the updates will record successfully both to the request and the timesheet app. Appears to be related to the web socket/access token connection of the request expiring/closing down after a period of inactivity, but this not being picked up by the Service Manager update, resulting in on the update being recorded and not the additional task to call the timesheet app to insert the time spent. We will often has a number of different requests open simultaneously and be using remote access to undertake work or monitor process, which we then return to tab/session to record progress and time spent. Can this be looked at a priority as there is no error or indication on the tab/session to indicate a failure to record the time spent. Cheers Martyn
  10. Hi all, Having a mess around with the new employee portal and have found that I cant select a service domain for the 'Average Rating' widget (free text field rather than a drop down like the rest). So even if I select Filter By Service Domain, it just shows the same stats. If I type into the field then it shows nothing at all. Thanks Dan
  11. Organisation Import Tool v1.0.1, when using the Update (or Both) actions, does not pick up changes made to the custom fields so does not trigger the update action, when attempting to update the custom fields. Can this be corrected so that the update method check all fields? Cheers Martyn
  12. Following recent Admin Tool updates the 'Icon' drop down in Widgets for Counter List Items is no longer returning any results, so you are not able to select any icon. Cheers Martyn
  13. Thought latest Service Manager builds have include fixes to the Request List Service Level Target (SLT) indicators, there are still requests which are displaying incorrectly. For example we have a case logged, response timer marked and put on hold within 7 minutes of it being logged, significantly within both the Response and Resolution service level targets, however this is showing as Red on the request list SLT column. SLT calculation does not appear to be taking into account if the request is on hold and was put on hold prior to the current calculated fix by target which was set when request was calculated and obliviously will not updated until the request comes off hold. Can this be looked at please. Cheers Martyn
  14. Hi, We are using the API to log a request and it seems to have come up with an error I have not seen before (rare since I seem to have caused most of them before): The tickets are marked 'In Progress' on the BPM management view, hovering over the request in the request list shows the correct information and for all intents and purposes the ticket seems to be fine. Apart from I cant open it. The ticket fails to render at all, just presenting the error and nothing else. I cant even select the tickets from the request view to cancel them. So....erm....help please?
  15. Hi, I have created a report and when running it via the data preview it shows all the data in the description field. However when I run the report to .csv/.xls/.xlxs/.pdf the description has the middle of the field contracted and replaced with ... This contraction is removing the data I am actually interested in for the report. Is there a way of stopping the actual report from doing this? Thanks, Dan
  16. Hi, When adding users to procaps using the 'access granted to' field, the procaps show on the page I can see them on rather than starting at page 1. Difficult to explain but we have say 10 pages of PCs, I grant access for someone to be able to edit 5 procaps on (my) page 10, the user sees all 9 pages as blank and can see their PCs on page 10. Filtering the PCs shows them correctly as 5 PCs on page 1. Thanks Dan
  17. Hi all, I thought that there had been a fix for this but I may be thinking of something else. Every so often, when loading the overview screen of a project the business process breadcrumbs are collapsed into an unreadable mess. Reloading the page tends to fix this (although not always Thanks, Dan
  18. Hi all, I have had a few users report to me that they are unable to add attachments to requests. So far this has been via the PC and the portal. I can add attachments fine. We had a similar issue with PM where normal users couldnt add attachments but I could. Could this be looked at quite quickly please as we have a number of request types where attachments are mandatory and currently these cannot be logged. Thanks Dan
  19. Hi, I have turned on email notifications at the request of a couple of our teams and it seems that it is trying to send the notification to team members who have left the business and have archived accounts. This is causing undeliverable messages to be attached to all requests assigned to a team with a team member who has left. Other than going through and finding all the affected accounts and removing them from the teams, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix?
  20. Hi, We are unable to download the CSV templates for assets. All we get is as below when trying to select a template to download: Hitting the download template file button anyway gives this error: Not Found (/apps/com.hornbill.servicemanager/client/app/templates/assetUpload/asset.csv) Thanks Dan
  21. Hi all, Since the update yesterday the way CI permissions are dealt with has changed. Allow used to take precedence (and I raised an issue around this previously) but now Deny seems to take precedence which means that many of our CIs are now not visible to anyone. I have a team with all our staff in so that we can make use of the visibility functionality. This team is allowed on most of the CIs, but CIs which are only for certain teams have All Staff set to deny. The team is then set to allow and this has worked fine until yesterday. Now the only way I can make the CIs visible is to set the All Staff list to allow which I cant do as it will show all CIs which we dont want. Can this be looked at and fixed as a matter of urgency please? @Victor @Steven Boardman @Ehsan
  22. Hi all, I have come across an issue with is now causing us quite a large problem. When managing CI visibility the Exclude rule seems to over rule all Include rules causing people who are members of multiple groups unable to see anything at all. Example: I have a service with 29 CIs. Each CI is set to be only visible to the relevant group, so lets say Projects CI has Project Authorisers as the group and Risk CI has Risk Authorisers as the group. I am a member of Project Authorisers and can see the Projects CI. 'A' is a member of Risk Authorisers and can see the Risk CI. 'B' is a member of both Project Authorisers and Risk Authorisers and cant see either. I assume that this is because both groups are in the Exclude list of the other. But it needs to take into account the fact that the user is in fact in the Include group. As this service went live this morning, with a number of authorisers being members of multiple groups, I need a way of resolving this ASAP without creating more services. Thanks @Victor @Steven Boardman @anyone!
  23. Hi all, I have created a BPM with a number of grouped nodes so I can collapse them and make the whole thing a little neater. However when I try and expand them again they all just open, in the top corner, piled on top of each other. I have reset the locations and saved it but when I open them up it is the same again. This happens in Chrome, IE and Edge and is making it impossible to work on the BPM. Before opening the group: After opening the group: Can this be looked at urgently please?
  24. Since early last week, when we try to reassign a call to a new team member, or team. The analysts appearing under the team selected are the wrong analysts. In the below example. We have selected the Endpoint team, but all of the Telecoms analysts are appearing... if we assign anyway and refrest the page then try to assign again to the correct members it works.
  25. Hi, We have suddenly started getting this error on calls logged today. The BPM is not set to add the request to any board and a restart of the BPM fixed it. Can someone have a look at this please as this is starting to become a pain.
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