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Found 7 results

  1. Linked to our earlier posts we would like to request additional 'Data Query' options for use in both current Progressive Capture forms and hopefully in BPM Human Task fields. Organisations (already requested by @Paul Alexander) Service Name (Service ID Raw) - filtered by subscriptions of current user/contact context. Service Calalog Name (Catalog ID Raw) - filtered by subscriptions of current user/contact context. Service Calalog Name (Catalog ID Raw) - filtered by suppling a Service ID. We are trying to implement with the BPM the process to update the service and catalog of an existing request, but the current limitations of using a hard code list or simple list in the real work Service Catalog is not practical to implement. Being able to used dynamic 'Data Query' sources would allow the BPM to be configured to present a list based on the context. Cheers Martyn
  2. We would like to request any enhancement to BPM Human Task node to be able to use "Data Query" type sources for fields as well as the simple lists, as already present in the Progressive Capture, so the same sources can be used in both at when logging the request and during its lifecycle. Cheers Martyn
  3. Hello All, We currently have a number of processes utilizing the automation for authorization, with the data query in the procap set to co-workers alone, and then using the raw value for the authorization node to send an email to the selected person. This in theory would work well as our cost center managers would all have a collaboration license for this purpose. Although there is the ability to use external authorization with an email input, this extra level of protection was deemed more suitable. However, in practice, it appears that the data query in the procap even if set at co-workers is allowing the customer to select basic users. The selection works when a actual user with the license is selected, but it should not present the basic users. This in turn causes the request to fail every time it reaches the authorization node as there is no collaboration license for the basic user. is this a known error, or is there something else we can do to ensure they are only able to select the collaboration licensed users through that data query? Thank you, Foley
  4. We have noticed that when looking up request in the database there are some that have usernames in the h_source_id field and then there are some that have numbers (like below) why is there differences...should these not all display the username? This number doesn't seem to initially relate to anything in the loggers account details.
  5. Please see attached. When the site name has been selected, it shows the site ID in the form review section on the right instead of the site name. Can this be corrected please?
  6. We are looking to make use of the Asset Management feature within our progressive captures, but to do so we need to be able filter by more than just Type and Class. In our case we are going to be recording customer Software installations as assets, so we would need the ability to filter by the Product field, so we can display a list of all software assets of a certain product associated with the customer. Can a SQL where like filter option be provide to make this generic to allow for all sites different class definitions? This would make the use of the Assets Management element much easier to customise for each customers requirements, as well as enabling it for it to be used for more than just the traditional IT Service. Cheers Martyn
  7. At the moment the "Capture Outcome Fields" dynamic sources are limited to Service Manager Simple Lists. Could the option be included to allow for 'Data Query'? In our current scenario I am producing a triage/switchboard workflow to deal with the logging of requests from the Routing Rules. The Human Task gets the analyst to choose which service the request should be logged under, so then want to then capture the Catalog items for said service. The outcome being is a new linked request is logged under the correct service and the request generated by the routing rule is then closed down. Therefore to do this need to be able to query a service's catalog items. Cheers Martyn
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